Looks like Google might be working on even more folding gadgets

Examining the display crease of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Rumor has it that Google and Apple are both working on foldable tablets.
  • Few foldable tablets exist in the market, making this a unique niche for both companies to launch new products in.
  • Samsung was previously rumored to launch a foldable tablet this year but that product has yet to surface.

Rumor has it that Google is hard at work on its next batch of foldable devices, but one device is a bit of a surprise. Better yet, we could get an announcement of this new device as soon as next year's Google I/O, which is traditionally held in May.

Instead of more folding phones, a report from Digitimes (via Android Authority) suggests the company is potentially working on a foldable tablet. What's more, Apple is also apparently hard at work on a foldable tablet instead of a foldable phone. One possible reason for that choice is that Apple sells fewer iPads than iPhones, giving Apple a way to debut a new product without having to match iPhone numbers.

Foldable tablets are essentially non-existent, although Samsung was rumored to be launching a foldable tablet later this year. Companies like Asus and Lenovo have debuted a number of folding laptops so far, but the category is also a bit light on competition.

As the market for the best foldable phone continues to see increased competition, it's little surprise to see manufacturers start branching out to other avenues. Google just launched the Pixel Fold to mixed reviews from critics, although early user feedback seems to be positive.

The company has been making a bigger push for large-screen apps and devices lately, including the launch of its first major tablet in years, the Pixel Tablet. Google also relaunched several of its apps with updates for large-screen devices when the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet debuted, further signaling that the company continues to see big screens as an important part of its overall strategy.

That said, the company has not confirmed work on a foldable tablet, so we'll have to take the report with a grain of salt for now. However, it would definitely take the company's tablet efforts to the next level.

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