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T-Mobile's "New Year, New Phone" sale will slash Android prices for three days only

If the holiday season didn't manage to bait you into a new phone, this might be your chance: T-Mobile is having a three-day "New Year, New Phone" sale this weekend only, beginning on Friday, January 6.  Sure, there are mail-in rebates involved, and you'll have to make a monthly payment ranging from $10 to $20 on the device itself, but a $49.99 down payment on a Galaxy S II or an Amaze 4G is hard to pass up. Other Android devices pegged at the $49.99 sweet spot include the Sensation 4G, the myTouch 4G, the Springboard, and the G-Slate. The source link has a full list of devices on sale, along with the corresponding mail-in rebates and monthly payment information. 

Source: T-Mobile

  • Here is hoping they can keep sales like this going on & get some momentum in the new year. I don't have them where I live, or I would probably leave Verizon, but I've always admired the scrappy little 'Magenta' network. I'm pullling for you T- Mo.
  • Way to go T.... Blazing.. @ 1,300 mhz.. Unlimited.. On My Droid Charge.
  • And to think sales like this would be gone if they were bought out by ATT.
  • Maybe I'm missing something, but how is $600 spread over two years a better deal than the normal $200 ?
  • That's what I was wondering
  • I was wondering the same thing too. Seems like a huge ripoff to me. This is not a sale, it is a payment plan.
  • Wait.. did I miss something? I thought it was $280 for the Galaxy S II outright (2-yr contract required for the $50 mail-in rebate)
  • This is a better deal because with a "normal" T-Mobile plan, the monthly cost is $79. In this case, you pay $49 for this value plan. You pay $320 less over the two years including the full price of the phone vs $200 for the phone with the classic plan . Then compare this to the other 3 carriers, and it is about half their cost. T-Mobile FTW!
  • This
  • Bingo! I took advantage of their "Magenta Saturday" in November and upgraded to a SGS2. The much cheaper plan paid for the phone payment plus another line for my daughter ($15/month for everything). People forget that the price of their phones is normally rolled up in their monthly service fees and then some. This is exactly what the carriers want you to forget. That way that can jack you 800 or 900 for a 500 phone over the course of a 2-year contract.
  • Sorry, I just don't get it (not trying to be a hard azz, just trying to understand). First of all, I am a T-Mobile customer and have been for about 10 years. I upgrade my phone every 2 yrs or so. So lets say my contract is up and I want to pay $230 for the Amaze, how does this "sale" beat that if I am currently paying about $60 per month for my plan and no fees for my phone? With this sale, don't you also have to pay a monthly data, text, minutes plan on top of that monthly lease fee?
  • That "normal" $200 is not the full price. It is the subsidized price that is then packed into your 2 yr contract in the form of higher rates & fees. This is the standard practice of all carriers. Nothing is free in this business. You pay more than the full retail by 'financing' the phone into your contract. So it's pay up front in full or get interest added on over the contract. T Mobile is essentially offering a zero interest financing deal on one of these phones and that isn't that bad of a arrangement.
  • The bargain is not readily apparent on the surface. You are in fact paying full retail price for a phone. However, that means you aren't paying the subsidy for it in your contract & that adds up to an average of $75-$100. That is just for the phone. The higher fees that they pack into the contract with the phone, because you are getting it subsidized, adds up too. But once you sign the contract you agreed to those terms. I always pay full retail for my phones so that I'm not forced to re-sign a contract with some new terms just to have a new phone.
  • Correction to my previous post, you actually pay $250 less per line on a two line family plan over two years vs the classic plan. $500 total savings.
  • The math on plans look excellent. I see a real savings over other carriers. Has anyone bothered to do the math on the phones. For some reason when you mouse over "payment info" on the 1st two phones, they end up costing $600. If you click on "get details", the phones cost $530. Where is that extra $70 coming from?