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What you need to know

  • T-Mobile Connecting Heroes Initiative will give first responder agencies unlimited free 5G.
  • State and local police, fire, and EMS services will get talk, text, and smartphone data.
  • T-Mobile implies that this offer will only be possible after the merger improves the network.

During its "This one's for good" livestream, T-Mobile announced the Connecting Heroes Initiative, a program that will offer free 5G network access to first responder agencies. All public and non-profit state and local police, fire, and EMS agencies can apply to be part of the program. T-Mobile CEO John Legere committed to supporting this program for the next 10 years.

T-Mobile hinted that this offer would only be possible once the network capacity and technology is improved following the proposed merger with Sprint, and the Un-Carrier is only taking names for the waitlist for now.

T-Mobile also plans on prioritizing network traffic from these agencies, which should help keep responders connected during emergencies. Agencies will get unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data for responder devices, but the deal does not include personal phone plans. For personal plans, T-Mobile recently extended its military discount to first responders and anyone on their family plans.

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Doing some fudgy math, T-Mobile was able to claim that first responder agencies could save up to $7.7 billion annually if every single agency in the country signed up for the free service. Legere says, "We'll be able to ease the burden of tight budgets for ALL of our nation's first responders through our Connecting Heroes Initiative." Of course, the 5G network in question on which this unlimited deal rides is explicitly "The New T-Mobile" after the merger with Sprint, so of course, there are aggressive business motives for this charitable offer.

First Responders

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Magenta First Responder Plans

The military discount now for first responders

T-Mobile's Magenta Military discount is now available to state and local police, fire, and EMS workers and anyone on their family plans. The deal offers unlimited talk and text including abroad but there are some limits on mobile data.