T-Mobile will be revealing its next Uncarrier move on September 6. The teaser video for the upcoming event is deceptively vague — with CEO John Legere carrying a script titled "Un-carrier Next" — but the video description says that T-Mobile is "going to flip the wireless industry" on its head.

T-Mobile switched on its 600Mhz network last month, with the LG V30 the first device to sport Band 71. The company also rolled out its latest self-branded device, the REVVL.

There's no indication as to what T-Mobile will be targeting with its next Uncarrier move, but Legere dropped a few hints during last quarter's earnings call, saying that the carrier will fix a "gigantic shortcoming:"

If I announce the topical area that we think is gigantically poised for fixing, it may give away too much as to what the topic is. But there's one that we're working on that we'll do this quarter that is so intuitively obvious of a gigantic shortcoming of the wireless industry that we're going to attack it, and we're going to attack it soon.

The Un-carrier Next will kick off on September 6 at 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET, and you'll be able to watch the livestream here.