T-Mobile Offering Android Phone Deals That Aren't Really Deals Today

T-Mobile is supposed to launch some "deals" on Android smartphones today (all phones require 2-year contract, no mail-in-rebate required) but they're still all kind of expensive. We'd be more excited if these were really deals but since you can probably find better prices out in other retailers or just across the interweb, well yeah, sorry. These aren't real "deals":

  • Motorola Cliq - $149.99
  • Samsung Behold 2 - $149.99
  • T-Mobile G1 - $99.99
  • Fender Limited Edition myTouch 3G - $179.99

Yeah, we know. Meh. Just doing a quick search on Amazon we can find the Cliq for $99, Behold 2 for $99, and the G1 for $49.99. Honestly, if you guys are spending ~$150 on a T-Mobile Android smartphone we suggest you take a look at the Nexus One. We hear it's the best Android phone yet.

Looking back, we're actually sorry for even bringing this up. These prices should just be standard already. Now on to your regular scheduled program..

[via tmonews]

Casey Chan