T-Mobile's 4G LTE network has grown a lot over the years, a large part of which is thanks to the carrier's 600 MHz bands. 600 MHz LTE offers better coverage and faster speeds compared to other LTE bands, and today, T-Mobile is launching the first-ever mobile hotspot that's capable of tapping into this technology.

The hotspot is called the Coolpad Surf, and it's available starting today for $3/month for 24 months (or $72 outright) on top of a compatible data plan. In addition to supporting 600 MHz LTE (aka Band 71), it can also tap into 4G LTE Bands 2, 4, 12, 66, and 3G Bands 1, 2, and 4 as a fallback if LTE isn't available in your area.

Other features of the Surf include a 2,150 mAh battery that's said to offer 48 hours of standby time + 5.3 hours of continuous use, support for connecting up to 15 devices at once, LED indicators to show its current connection and battery life, and a small, lightweight design with dimensions of just 4.29 x 2.64 x 0.63 inches.

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Per T-Mobile's press release:

The Coolpad Surf taps into T-Mobile's 600 MHz LTE, now available in more than 2,700 cities and towns across 43 states and Puerto Rico. That's a game-changer for Americans as 600 MHz LTE offers even more LTE coverage and capacity to T-Mobile's network. And because the signal travels twice as far from the tower and works four times better in buildings than mid-band, 600 MHz LTE offers better coverage -- even in more rural areas.

T-Mobile's marketing the Coolpad Surf as a solution for people that not only want reliable LTE coverage while they're traveling, but also for folks that may live in less populated areas where reliable home internet options aren't available.

As for the data plans that work with the Coolpad Surf, they start out at $10/month with AutoPay for 2GB of "high-speed data" and go all the way up to $85/month for 22GB of data.

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