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After T-Mobile had attempted to woo long-time BlackBerry subscribers away in an effort to convince them to upgrade to newer devices running on competing operating systems and a subsequent reworking of the upgrade incentive to appease BlackBerry, it looks like the un-carrier network has managed to convince 50,000 BlackBerry customers to upgrade, likely to a Samsung Galaxy phone.

The program began in March and while that number may sound like a lot, not all of those who upgraded were upgrading to a new BlackBerry.

T-Mobile's promotion gave a $200 credit to those upgrading their BlackBerry to a Samsung phone while BlackBerry customers who are upgrading to a different manufacturer would only get $100 in credits.

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The good news is that it appears that this promotion will continue, but with some changes.

When it began, customers would get the credits on their bill automatically. T-Mobile has since switched the program so that customers would automatically get a debit card sent to their address if they participated. However, starting August 6th, customers will have to fill out a mail-in-rebate form to participate in the promotion.

Those customers would have to visit www.t-mobile.com/promotions and use the code 'Loyalty 3Q4' to get their debit card.

Any former BlackBerry customers, especially those who are members of sister site CrackBerry.com, here who have upgraded to a Samsung? What are your thoughts? If you're a BlackBerry customer looking to switch it up, what device are you eyeing?

Source: Tmo News