Before we moved over to the G1 & T-Mobile, we were AT&T users. So imagine our shock when we first called into T-Mobile customer service to ask some basic questions regarding the G1. The T-Mobile people were just. so. nice.

A lot of people make a big deal about T-Mobile's excellent customer service and we tend to agree with them, T-Mobile really goes the extra mile in making their customer service warm and helpful. So color us surprised when we heard that T-Mobile wasn't tops in customer service last year, falling to #2 behind Verizon. But this year, they re-claimed their throne at the top of the customer service according top JD Power & Associates [via BGR]:

  • T-Mobile ranked highest among all wireless providers in Overall Customer Care Performance, above all its competitors and significantly ahead of the industry average.
  • In interactions between consumers and customer care representatives, T-Mobile ranked significantly above the industry average.
  • T-Mobile ranked highest in online customer service and walk-in interactions at retail stores.
  • T-Mobile scored well above other wireless carriers and the industry average with the lowest average hold times.

    So though T-Mobile definitely lacks in the realm of 3G, they treat their customers right. What do you guys think? Does T-Mobile deserve such high marks for their customer service?