Your TV will thank you if you pick up this Roku Streambar on Prime Day

Roku Streambar
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Roku has bundled its popular streaming box with a nice-sounding set of speakers, and dropped the whole kit into a single package called the Roku Streambar. It's on sale during Prime Day for just $89, and that saves you about $40. To put it another way, you can get two months of Netflix with the money you save.

The speakers in your television sound bad. It's cool, they all do, because TV manufacturers are focused on the screen and we wouldn't want it any other way. Speaking of the screen, it's only as good as what you play on it, so that means you're probably using a streaming service or two.

You also probably have about a gazillion things plugged in behind your TV stand, so putting everything into one small box is a great idea. Fewer wires, more Paramount+, Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and all the rest sounds like a plan to me. It even has its own remote and fancy features like volume-limiting during those annoying ads and commercials. I like it already and mine isn't even here yet.

Saving money sounds good

Roku Streambar:$129.99$89.00 at Amazon

Roku Streambar: $129.99 $89.00 at Amazon

Both a sound bar and a streaming box, the Roku Streambar is $40 off for Prime Day. You can watch — and hear — all your favorite streaming services with the money you saved.

I like things that are easier. Having both a pair of good speakers and a Roku in the same gadget means fewer wires and one less thing to plug in, so it's automatically easier. Paired up with a great deal on a TV, the Roku Streambar means more money to pay that Netflix bill.

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