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Stop being so thirsty for deals with this discounted SodaStream bundle deal

I was admittedly skeptical of SodaStream the first time I saw it. Who needs a contraption to add bubbles to their water? I can just buy soda water at the convenience store, or order La Croix from Amazon.

But then, Black Friday two years ago, I decided to buy my own SodaStream machine and my life was forever changed. It's so easy to make delicious bubbly water by just filling a plastic bottle, pushing it against the lever, and keeping it there for a certain amount of time depending on how tickling your want your tongue to be.

So fast forward to this year: we now have the SodaStream Fizzi, the company's new, beautifully-designed manual water pumper.

In this bundle, you get the machine itself, one CO2 canister (which you can easily recycle and trade in for credit when the 60L worth of water has been bubbled), one 1L refillable water bottle, one half-liter reusable water bottle, and two flavor drops (lime and orange). That's pretty damn good.

So why go for a manual SodaStream over something that you plug in? Because you can put it anywhere, and there's really nothing difficult about pushing a button. The carbon dioxide does all the work anyway, and it's satisfying being able to control the level of fizziness yourself. Of course, there are automatically, electrified SodaStream bundles if you want to spend more, but honestly, I don't think you do.

Getting this bundle for $25 off is a big deal (opens in new tab), especially if you're new to the SodaStream lifestyle.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central.