Get a $300 prepaid Mastercard when you switch to Sprint and bring your phone

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How are you feeling about your current carrier? Looking for a change? Want to get some money for making the switch? Sprint's got the right deal for you today. It's called a "Bring Your Own Device" deal where you don't even have to give up the phone you're currently using or pay for a phone you don't need. Just take your phone to Sprint, make the switch and sign up for an Unlimited plan, and Sprint will give you a $300 prepaid Mastercard. It's really as simple as that. In addition to switching, the deal's only other requirement is using the link to register online.

You'll need an unlocked phone that works on Sprint's network to start. Then switch it over to an Unlimited Plan (starting at $35) and register online, and you get a $300 prepaid Mastercard after 90 days. (opens in new tab)
You'll need an unlocked phone that works on Sprint's network to start. Then switch it over to an Unlimited Plan (starting at $35) and register online, and you get a $300 prepaid Mastercard after 90 days.

So in order to switch your phone from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, you will need to make sure your phone is unlocked first. If it's not, call your current carrier and get an unlock code. That sometimes takes a couple of days (they don't want you to go!). Then you just enter the code on your phone to unlock it and go to Sprint's site to finish the process. Your next goal is to make sure your phone is compatible with Sprint's network. If it's any modern smartphone, chances are good that it is. But you'll want to find your phone's IMEI or MEID and enter it on the website.

After all that, all you have to do is sign up for one of Sprint's Unlimited plans. These plans start at $35 a month. Depending on how much you're paying now, you could potentially save money there as well. The plans include unlimited data, talk, and text. You'll get extra features like the ability to stream HD videos or use your phone as a mobile hotspot. You can even get bonuses like a free Hulu subscription or even subscriptions to TIDAL or Amazon Prime depending on the plan you choose.

The $300 prepaid Mastercard will be shipped 90 days after you sign up.

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  • It's a big IF about the phone being whitelisted by Sprint. I'm a current customer and only buy unlocked phones. Unless you're using a Galaxy device or iPhone you will likely have issues. I wanted to upgrade to the OP 7T and Sprint refuses to allow it on the network. Definitely use the website to check compatibility.
  • Verizon Galaxy Note 9 is good. I'm guessing other Galaxy devices are good as well, particularly flagships and particularly those from Verizon, which have a CDMA Radio and tend to have almost all of the GSM and LTE bands in them (Verizon is the best "carrier branded" device class in the USA, since their phones have been designed for Global use since at least 2012, and they automatically unlock after 60 days - if they're locked at all).. Aside from that, you're going to have to ask yourself if you want to deal with Sprint's bloatware. If you're phone is on a carrier like T-Mobile, then you're going to see a LOT more bloatware when you put that Sprint SIM in your phone and it restarts (Flashing from T-Mobile to Sprint). That being said, their $35 plan is a really good backup plan for people who have two phones and just want a plan in a backup device. For example, I have my iPHone 11 Pro on T-Mobile (Daily Driver, Main Device), but I'm thinking of getting a Sprint $35 plan for my Note9, provided the taxes and fees are included in that price (otherwise, mind as well get a better $35/mo. plan with 6GB of LTE from Verizon, IMHO). This $300 isn't incredibly enticing to me, especially with the 90 day wait :-P