Sprint Galaxy Nexus flies through the FCC

Sprint Galaxy Nexus
Sprint Galaxy Nexus

This, ladies and germs, is the Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as seen by the Federal Communications Commission. We've been happily ignoring FCC listings of already announced and gently fondled smartphones -- particularly ones that we've twice reviewed already (Verizon, GSM), but this one's a bit special because it's Sprint's, and we know how patient all you Sprint folks have been watching Verizon customers rock their own LTE versions.

So what do we learn from Sprint's Galaxy Nexus FCC listing? Not a damn thing of any real use. We still have no idea when it'll be released (first half of the year, in conjunction with Sprint's LTE rollout, is the best we've got), which really is the only question we have at this point.

And, so, we keep on waiting, and hope to see Sprint's lineup of LTE-enabled cities expand beyond the half-dozen already named.

Source: FCC; via Engadget

Phil Nickinson
  • i'm still waiting to find out whether it has the upgrade cpu/gpu and camera as well... or is that pretty much out of the question at this point?
  • I am wondering that too. If it does I would probably get it over the HTC One X. If not then I will go with the HTC. That assumes the HTC One X gets released on Sprint and around the same time give or a take a month or two.
  • old specs now. i have my epic touch and will wait till SGSIII for some quad core goodness
  • I agree with you that the specs aren't earthing shattering, especially with the phones demo'd at MWC. However, I think there are quite a few people that would be perfectly happy with the current Nexus device. For instance, I'm still running on a Pre- (tell me about it!) and for me, the Nexus would be a HUGE step up and plus, it's a Nexus. Personally, I am ready to throw my cash at Sprint. I will be picking this up as SOON as it is released so I don't know why they are delaying so long.
  • I also have the epic touch but i'm really considering this over the sgs3. It all depends on if the sgs3 will have lte. (i'm sure it will) and when sprint lights up Orlando Florida. Wimax here really....REALLY sucks!
  • It does suck . Thats why I went to VZW.
  • Wimax in south Orlando/Kissimmee really suck. Its like in one spot your getting like 5-6mbps down and 1.5mbps up then in a spot a block away your barely getting 3g speeds with wimax. (not moving either just standing still outside)
  • Soooo true everywhere near Orlando.
  • If you think you are getting bad download speeds, try Las Vegas. Last time I was there, I couldn't get anything to load. I was standing on the street in front of Caesars palace, and got an awesome 20kbps... not a typo.
  • From the picture it's obvious it has a 1.5GHz processor!
  • love the enthusiasm!
  • I can't wait!
  • I really love the idea of getting the next OS update asap but its sadly not worth sacrificing camera quality. I simply need a good camera and unless they have upgraded it, I will be passing.
  • I doubt they have upgraded it. They advertise it as being something magical with that shutter lag BS or whatever.
  • Sprints shooting itself in the foot over waiting so long to release this phone. No wonder Apple announces a product a week before its available. People loosing interest in this phone the longer they wait while better phones will be out shortly after. Nexus S owners pissed they haven't gotten their ICS update yet. Whether its because Sprint wants this to be their first ICS phone is unclear but is raising doubts about buying a phone whose main benefit is update support.
  • Well said ...well said and agreed. This phone is getting outdated...day by day, the sooner the better SPRINT! This is all because Sprint wants to release this with LTE technology... or in other words they are LATE to the LTE and now its showing.
  • I think you're assuming Sprint WANTED to wait this long. It's quite obvious that Verizon had exclusivity at this point seeing as how it's not officially on at&t or T-mobile either. But to your second point, I completely agree. The benefit of the Nexus no longer exists in America. The American Nexus variants are now beaten out by exclusivity and their European rivals (manufacturers are now beating Google to Nexus updates) and frankly, the only way to enjoy a true Nexus phone any more is to purchase an unlocked GSM version or change carriers in America every year (if only that were possible...). Sad days.
  • Do I give up my wimax phone or wait until my city is announced for LTE. I don't use wimax much but when I do it is nice to have... Maybe I'll wait for the GS3 or HTC One X. Hopefully the Minneapolis/St Paul area will have LTE by then.
  • Yeah, well, I live in a metro area of 1.7+ million people AND WE NEVER EVEN GOT WIMAX! And you can bet we will be last on the list for LTE, too. One would think they would roll out LTE to the large metro areas that were not already covered by WiMax.... that would be fair, but it isn't about fair, it is about $ or something else :(
  • So what do we learn from Sprint's Galaxy Nexus FCC listing? That it only supports LTE on the 1900Mhz band, not 800Mhz. When Sprint starts deploying LTE on 800Mhz in 2013 the GN won't be able to take advantage of it (and the 800Mhz signal will be much better at penetrating buildings than 1900Mhz).
  • U.S. Cellular will be throwing it's 4G/LTE switch in just a few days. I'm no Band/Frequency expert. But I think this phone will fit that Carrier nicely? USCC's First 4G/LTE Handset, The Samsung Aviator, AKA Droid Charge (A Solid & proven LTE device to start a launch with), will also be available in a few days. With these FCC Spec's: The SCH-R930's FCC paperwork shows regular CDMA coverage on 850 and 1900 MHz. For LTE service, the handset is compatible with bands 2, 4, 5, and 12, hitting frequencies in the 700MHz, 800MHz, 1700MHz, and 1850MHz ranges. Phil?
  • I wanted this phone badly but starting to wonder if it'd be worth my $300. My Epic 4g runs ICS via CM9 beautifully and apparently they have the same GPU unless of course Sprint upgrades this phone. Plus I have some WiMax availability but no idea when I might get LTE. Decisions decisions....
  • While they have the same GPU, the amount of dedicated video memory available to the GPU is higher on the Galaxy Nexus. I have Epic that I dont use anymore, and I have a Nexus S 4G, so Im very comfortable with that similar hardware setup, obviously lol. I am looking forward to trying a new CPU, as Ive never owned an OMAP device. I was struggling at Sprint yesterday, not to upgrade to the E4GT from my NS4G. But at the end of the day, it's SOOOO much easier to build on a Nexus phone than a variant. I love my NS4G..and the truth is, ICS runs perfectly(for me at least)and I can't see any sort of huge differences in "snappiness"(hate that word,lol)with the GN. But, there are things that I cant use right now, as I have a single core-like that easy Ubuntu that was released, so I do want to have a "future-proof" device, but the specs that seem modest to some people, on the GN, seem just lovely to me! I'm waiting to use that upgrade because I'd regret if I ever bought anything other than a Nexus phone again.
  • I remember when sprint used to be right on top of things when releasing the top best phones and now I see they are slower than ever.
  • I would rather have the one X or new Evo..
  • I predict a late April early May launch. :)
  • I kinda hoping the Samsung Note/Journal will announced for sprint sometime soon. if not, the Nexus will have to do :) it's gotta be better than my almost 2yr old evo, right? I'm just looking for a bigger screen I guess.
  • No more Samsung for me... I miss HTC Sense too much and I have the Epic touch right now and the GPS is a total failure on it and the GPS is a total failure on my girls original epic. I dont trust Samsungs GPS anymore. Unless they come out with something that blows me away and they fix GPS I'm never buying another samsung.
  • I had issuws with gps on my 4g touch but i have the note now and there's no issue so maybe it was the gs2 or sprint that was the problem
  • I am really looking forward to this. I held off getting a Nexus S, only because I run out of room all the time on my 16GB card, but this actually looks promising. As for the NS4G owners, I have a feeling that ICS will come with the release of this device. No proof, though. Just a hunch.