Sprint employee reportedly fired for leaking Evo 4G launch figures

The story goes like this: Sprint employee posts Evo 4G launch sales figures at XDA Developers. Sprint finds out. Post is killed. Employee is invited into a back room by a "forensics" team, which proceeds to show said employee all of his online transgressions, which may or may not involve videos of cute kittens. Regardless, dude was summarily let go, but not before MobileCrunch snagged the numbers out of a Google-cached page.

“according to sprint we as a [company] have sold 66,483 theres a whole bunch of stores though that dont have any more inventory i dont think any major city sprint does”

So if that's true, the Evo 4G sold more than 65,000 units at Sprint's branded stores, and who know how many more at other outlets, such as Radio Shack. Of course, there's no telling just how true any of this may be. But it may add a little clarity to Sprint's slightly confused boasting of sales numbers. Now the question is how long the Evo will ride the wave. [via MobileCrunch]

Phil Nickinson