Time for the check up on some Android-related companies who've been struggling in our economic downturn. Will actually having Android devices in their stable eventually help their bottom line? Let's take a look!

First up, Sprint. The good bad news: Sprint lost 801,000 postpaid subscribers which was actually under the analysts estimate of 870,000 losses. This is still bad news but certainly much better news than the 991,000 and 1.25 million subscribers lost in previous quarters. In fact, CEO Dan Hesse says that "the sequential improvement the best in more than five years, and he expects a smaller postpaid subscriber loss again in the fourth quarter."

The bad bad news: they still lost 478 million dollars (compared to losing 326 million a year ago). Considering the HTC Hero was only released a few weeks ago and the Samsung Moment only scheduled for release in November, we expect their Q4 reports to look a lot better. [pcmag]

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And Motorola. Everyone's going gaga over Moto and rightly so, they have two of the most anticipated Android phones releasing very soon. The T-Mobile CLIQ will go after the social networking, lower-end crowd with the Verizon DROID fulfilling high-end users.

So how did Motorola do considering those devices weren't available in Q3? Their Mobile Division still lost $183 million but it was offset by gains in Motorola's other divisions resulting in a $12 million profit! Score, they made money. We're expecting a lot more from Motorola in Q4 and beyond because simply put, they have their eye on Android and are banking on Android to take them back to the glory days. We think they made the right choice. [engadget]

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