Spotify and Discord have recovered after an unrelated outage

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Update: as of 4PM ET, both platforms are back online.

What you need to know

  • Spotify and Discord services went down in the early afternoon (ET) of March 8.
  • The outage of both platforms appears to be unrelated.
  • Discord was able to fully recover by 3:41 PM ET, while Spotify became available around 4PM ET.

While the platforms are far from similar, Discord and Spotify users had one thing in common this afternoon: no one could access either platform. Both Spotify and Discord acknowledged the issue around 1PM ET and have been keeping customers up to date with outage information on their official pages.

As of 3PM ET, Discord services initially became partially accessible again. By 3:41 PM ET, all Discord services have been fully restored according to the official status page. Discord previously had a major outage at the end of January.

Spotify took a bit longer but, as of 4PM ET, the service was fully operational and can now be used normally. The official status post is a bit light on details but the company, so we'll need to wait for a follow-up post to see what happened. Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps, so we expect a large number of people noticed the outage.

While both platforms went down around the same time, there's seemingly no link between the two problems. There have been no other major platform outages reported around the internet, meaning there's no wider cloud outage causing the problem this time around.

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