Sphero is Amazon's Deal of the Day, on sale for $84.99

You all know Sphero, the robotic ball that is controlled via your Android phone. If you've been curious about one of these but were hesitant about the price tag, you can get it discounted today for $84.99, marked down from $129.99, as it's Amazon's Deal of the Day (opens in new tab).

As mentioned above, Sphero is a ball that is controlled with your mobile device, Android or iOS. There are many apps that you can download from Google Play to allow you to control your Sphero in a different way or play games.

At a price of $129, many were hesitant to commit to the purchase. A $50 discount is attractive and will likely lure many more to try the robotic ball. How about you guys, at this price, are you more likely to buy a Sphero?

Source: Amazon (opens in new tab)

Sean Brunett
  • As much as I would love to watch my baby or dachshund chase this thing, I don't see any real way to justify the money for it. Even with a $50 discount, it's too expensive for a novelty that will lose appeal after a week (tops).
  • Same thought I had, it's intriguing but can't imagine it staying interesting for a long period of time.
  • Does it come with $75 taped to the side of the box?
  • If it could reach a minimum of 20 mph I would consider it :P
  • this sale is an IQ Test to see who will be separated from their money.
  • Going to throw this out there...kind of a useless product.
  • Still too expensive for what it is, if it was a car/truck/boat/helicopter the price would be justified, even without the $50 "discount".
  • Will it vacuum and do my laundry?
  • For <$10 + 2 AA batteries I can get a ball that rolls itself. If I really look, I can find one with some furry stuffed animal attached to it.
  • This got the literal lol from me
  • piontless.... Posted via Android Central App
  • We are losing the war on Common Sense.
  • Forgot this thing even existed..
  • This looks like it was designed by Major Major from Catch 22, or worse yet, the developers of the Sand Breeding Kit.. Do people actually buy this stupid thing? I could think of a zillion other things I'd rather waste $100 on, LOL "And that's all I'm going to say about that" ~ Forrest Gump
  • To each their own. I bought this for my 9 year old as a Christmas present and he loves it. There are a metric crap-ton of apps on Google Play for it. He can even enter macros now. He has trained it to roll throughout our house without hitting a wall or furniture with a single push of a button. Its also watertight and he's hot glued plastic paddles on it and makes it swim around the pool. Kinda cool at night when he has the lights on it change colors. He plays with it almost every day. There are games kinda like simon where the tablet or phone will say to pick it up on a certain color that the 4 of us play together. I'd say my 129 bucks were well spent.
  • Thank you. Good to hear the other side of argument as well.
  • There are some pretty cool AR games as well that I forgot to mention. Some games that use the ball as the controller as well. Also if you have a friend withba Sphero you can play tag. All in all its enjoyed by everyone in our house on occasion. I'd just suggest not to knock it if you haven't sit down and played with it and all the apps.
  • $85 for a cat toy? You got to really love your cat to spend that much. Here, kitty. A $5 mouse from the local pet shop. That's what mine would get. If I had one. Maybe a dog would play with hit, but I'd worry the dog would actually chew it up, and there goes your $85.
  • Looks like a $45 discount but anyway I'm hesitant to buy when I can't find technical specs on their website. Not even the camera resolution and top speed. $100 +/- for a toy is a very subjective thing. For some people, that's a week (pro rata) of rent. For others, it's less than they spend on a typical Saturday night.
  • Something that I would enjoy having around the office as an Android dev. just for kicks. But, yeah not sure that I'll be grabbing one myself anytime soon. It is a great little geek device, it just won't get enough use to probably get my money back on it.