Sony's true wireless earbuds are great for the gym and on sale for $128 today only

Sony Earbuds Sp800n
Sony Earbuds Sp800n

The Sony WF-SP800N sporty true wireless earbuds have dropped to $128 as part of one of Amazon's daily deals. These earbuds went down to around $148 for the Black Friday shopping season, but before that they were regularly selling as high as $200. And before today, the drop to $148 was the lowest they had gone. So we're getting a new low for earbuds that have only been out since May, but this price is very temporary and won't survive the night. You can get the $128 deal on all three available colors: black, blue, and orange.

Available in Black, Blue, and Orange at this price. Have an IP55 rating for sweat and dust resistance. Includes Sony's Extra Bass tech and Alexa voice control. Has a touch sensor for easy control and a Quick Attention mode so you can communicate.

Sony's earbuds are designed to be used in a variety of situations. They have an IP55 rating, which means they're resistant to both water and dirt. Don't be afraid to take these outside with you. Use them at the gym, by the pool, or even while going to and from work. If you get caught in the rain, it won't be a big deal.

They will also last a long time. The battery life per earbud is nine hours. Thanks to the charging case, you'll get a total of 18 hours before you have to plug in. If you turn off the active noise-canceling, you can get 13 hours or 26 total. That's pretty impressive.

The digital noise cancellation helps you hear only what you want to hear. You can get deep into your music and tune out the rest of the world if you want. Of course, the earbuds also have a Quick Attention mode. That's helpful if you realize someone's been talking to you for the last 20 minutes and you've been listening to your music watching their mouth move.

Other features include Sony's Extra Bass technology so you get those low frequencies thumping and a built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant that's activated by a simple touch. Play your favorite music or get the information you need using just your voice. The touch sensors also allow you to play or pause your music, skip tracks, control the volume, answer calls, and more.

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