Sony's new $200 earbuds take on the AirPods Pro with noise cancellation and IP55 rating

Sony WF-SP800N Earbuds
Sony WF-SP800N Earbuds (Image credit: Sony)

What you need to know

  • Sony is introducing yet another pair of noise-canceling earphones to the market.
  • The WF-SP800N earbuds are aimed at the fitness market with a combination of active noise cancellation and water/sweat resistance.
  • They'll cost you $199.

Sony's WF-1000XM3 earbuds are seen by many as among the best active noise cancellation earbuds out there, but they lack one crucial feature that keeps them from being your go-to recommendation for all types of users: water resistance.

For those planning on working ou while listening to music, the new WF-SP800N feature both active noise cancellation and IP55 water and sweat resistance. "Designed for an active lifestyle with an IP55 rating means that splashes, sweat and dust won't stop these water-resistant headphones or your workout. You can even wash them after a tough training session," the company's press release reads.

In terms of battery life, the company is promising up to 9 hours of use with active noise cancellation on and up to 13 hours without. The included case holds enough juice for one full charge, so you can just double those numbers if you bring the case along. If you're in a hurry, Sony also claims that only 10 minutes of charging should be enough to provide 60 minutes of playback.

One of the other really cool features Sony is debuting with the earphones is an upgrade to the companion app, which lets you not only set custom ambient sound and audio settings for different situations, but it also automatically changes between these different profiles based on where you are. "Let in ambient sound while you're running outside, reduce unwanted noise when you're in the office and boost your bass in the gym," as Sony says.

You can already order a pair for $199.99. That's about $30 shy of the company's higher-end offering in the form of the WF-1000XM3. With that price — and the inclusion of water resistance — you might be tempted to ignore the company's more expensive offering altogether.

Sony SF-SP800N Truly Wireless Earbuds

With the combination of active noise canceling and an IP55 rating, Sony's newest earbuds may just be the perfect companion to the gym, letting you rock out to your favorite music while drowning out the noises around you.

Muhammad Jarir Kanji