Simplify your workstation with VicTsing's USB wired mouse on sale for $5

The VicTsing 3200 adjustable DPI USB wired mouse drops to $5.19 with code 5M2B6WWZ on Amazon. The mouse is $8 without the code and never goes below $7 directly. You'd need a code like this to get any deal on it at all. And for $5, it's basically a no-brainer. Pocket change for a mouse you can use anywhere on any machine? Come on.

The mouse has just four buttons and a symmetric design. It's simple and works for both left and right handed people. The USB connection makes it great for travel, too, since you can just plug it in and go. It has four adjustable DPI levels.

I wouldn't think of a mouse like this as your primary use mouse. You've probably got something fancy with 200 buttons like the Logitech G600 for that. That's fine because the VicTsing will be there when you need it. It's a great backup, and the USB connection means it will work with just about any machine. Just plug and play.

This mouse simplifies things a bit. Get rid of all those side buttons. Get back to doing what a mouse is supposed to do - scroll stuff and click left or right. The VicTsing mouse has four buttons: left, right, middle, and one for the adjustable DPI. Speaking of which, the mouse has four different settings for DPI ranging between 800 and 3200. Pick the one that feels best for you and adjust on the fly as your situation changes.

The design includes a sweat-resistant matte finish and a rubber scroll wheel that's easy to manipulate. It has also been tested to last 5,000,000 keystrokes, so it won't let you down. The optical sensor allows for plenty of precision, even on unusual surfaces.

If you're the sort of person that prefers something like a Chromebook for most of your work, the simplicity of this mouse should appeal to you. It doesn't require any software to use, and it's compatible with Windows 7 and up, Linux, and Mac OS. Users give it 4.4 stars out of 5 based on 951 reviews.

John Levite
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