The time is now. The day is here!

While there are oodles and oodles of jaw-dropping goodies that are likely about to be dropped in our lap — or dangled beyond our wallets — in the next few hours, we have that one update or device we want to see more than anything else at Google I/O. More than anything else in the world, in some cases. So, out of all the dream and wishes and hopes that are about to come true or die in agony, which one are you begging to whatever force you believe in for?

It's all about that M, bout that M, bout that M, no TV.

Bring on the M.

While there are many other projects Google intends to bring to the table today, at the end of the day more than half of you eager responding users are waiting for the main event: Android M, and the Developer Preview that most assume will be announced in a few short hours. Some hope for Android to bring the mute button back (WHY?). Some are after multi-window, or themes — a system-wide theme engine would be great, but all I need is a system-wide dark-theme. Most just want stability, bug fixes, and faster updates, and when Lollipop is running on less than 10% of devices, that's not an unreasonable desire.

Coming in a very distant second with 15 percent, Android Wear updates are top priority for some, who are hoping for even more features — even as we wait for 5.1.1 to hit more devices — and for new watches, including a possible second-generation Moto 360. After that, the new Chromecast leads the fractured bottom of the results, with many hoping for 4K support and dual-band Wi-Fi support.

Many are are still hoping for a new, smaller Nexus phone this morning, and while you can never be certain, we're pretty sure that the phones will wait till the fall. We're all for a smaller Nexus, but this isn't the time of the year. Many also took issue with an Ara not mentioning Project Ara (I was Ara first), but Ara — like Google Glass — is not likely to get much attention this year as it is still very much in a development and testing phase.

And while many of our commenters — and our editor in chief — believe the name is going to be Marshmallow (not that we'll be getting a name today), I'm pulling for a dark horse: Mellowcreme.

We're less than two hours away, and you can catch our liveblog here and the livestream here. Happy I/O, everybody!