Score the entire Walking Dead comic series on sale digitally for only $18 right now

Walking Dead Hero
Walking Dead Hero

Humble Bundle is holding an insane sale on The Walking Dead comic series this week. There are several tiers you can choose from, though the best catches you up on the entire series (volumes 1 through 32 specifically) for only $18. The bundle also includes a handful of bonuses to keep you busy reading over the summer. In total, you'll be scoring over $450 worth of comics for less than $20, and there's no telling how long it will be before we see a deal this good on the series again — if ever.

Experience the original story of The Walking Dead with the complete comic book series for just $18. This offer at Humble Bundle includes all 32 volumes of the story plus a few bonuses to keep you busy over the summer.

This is an insane offer if you've been wanting to read The Walking Dead series. As a fan of the show, waiting for the next season to come out is always brutal - yet I didn't want to pay over $10 per volume to catch up on the comic series either. This deal is a no-brainer for those who've almost bought previously, plus it's all digital so you don't have to find space in your room for a large collection of heavy books. You'll thank yourself later during your next move to a new home.

Humble Bundle lets you pay what you want, and higher price points include more bonuses. If you pay for a higher tier, you get everything in the lower priced ones as well. The tiers are as follows:

  • Pay $1+: Volumes 1 - 5 and The Walking Dead: Free Comic Book Day issue
  • Pay $8+: Vol. 6 - 13 and The Walking Dead: Survivor's Guide
  • Pay $15+: Vol. 14 - 23
  • Pay $18+: Vol. 24 - 32, The Walking Dead: All Out War: AP Edition, and The Walking Dead: Here's Negan!

Looking to rewatch the show? Netflix hosts seasons one through nine to stream anytime, while Season 10 can be found on AMC's website and digital retailers like Amazon Video.

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