Saving $70 on a standing desk from Flexispot is worth getting up for

Flexispot Adjustable Desk Lifestyle
Flexispot Adjustable Desk Lifestyle (Image credit: Amazon)

If you are working from home temporarily, permanently, or are in an office setting, you've probably been on the lookout for a standing desk deal — well, this is the one to get. Flexispot is offering some excellent Black Friday discounts on both standing desks and desk risers saving you up to $70 for a healthier way to work.

Sitting down after a long day at work can feel great; however, if you've already been in a chair for 8 hours at your job, that post workday sit may not be as comfy. Not to mention that sitting all day long isn't the best thing for a person's health. With working from home becoming a regular thing these days, standing desks are becoming extremely popular.

Adjustable desks aren't cheap, especially if you want a powered one, but this deal from Flexispot makes it much more affordable. This desk is made from environmentally source materials and offers a 42-inch-by-24-inch workspace for you to have ample room to get tasks done. The steel frame can support up to 154 pounds, so you can load it up with your computer, keyboard, knickknacks, and anything else that makes your workday more enjoyable.

When you are ready to get up from your chair and stretch a bit while keeping on task, you can simply press the under-desk mounted button to adjust the workspace up to reach the perfect standing height. If you wanted to, heck could even put a stationary bike or walking pad at your desk to get in some exercise while you crush your workday.

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However, if you have a desk that you already love, but you want the option to stand while you get some work done, then you may not be ready to swap desks entirely. This is where an adjustable desk riser comes in.

This deal from Fleixspot gets you a 35-inch-by-23.2-inch desktop that can adjust up to 19.7 inches, allowing you a taller workspace so you can stretch your legs without losing productivity. Simply squeeze the handle on the side, and the spring-assisted steel frame will quickly raise to your desired height — voila, you're standing. You can set your laptop or keyboard right onto the riser and keep right ongoing.

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