Save a few bucks and get one of the best backpacks you'll ever find

Improved MagLatch system on the Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2
Improved MagLatch system on the Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Although traveling is not what it was last year, there are still times where you will want the best backpack to take with you on the go. Considering how many different backpacks there really are to choose from, it's tough to find one that stands out from the crowd until you look at the Peak Design Everyday Backpack.

This backpack is designed with photographers in mind, but even as someone who doesn't categorize themselves as such, the Everyday Backpack is truly the best for everyone, along with being one of the best tech backpacks. The top flap folds over and attaches to the rest of the bag via MagLatch, with several different latches to choose from, based on how much stuff is in your bag.

On the back, there's a laptop sleeve capable of housing up to a 15-inch laptop, which also features some added padding for protection. Plus, this keeps your laptop separated from the rest of the bag, providing quick and easy access without having to rummage through everything else.

The real fun and benefit of the Everyday BackPack is the main compartment. There are inserts included that can be rearranged and re-attached thanks to the velcro material inside the bag and the inserts themselves. This gives you the ultimate flexibility to compartmentalize your backpack while keeping things as organized as possible.

Peak Design offers its flagship backpack in two different sizes, coming in either 20L or 30L, but this great Black Friday deal has arrived for the larger 30L version. Normally priced at $290, you can save more than $50 and grab it for just $232 with free Prime shipping. With that savings, you could also pick up the Peak Design Wash Pouch to throw in the Everyday Backpack for all of your toiletries.

Andrew Myrick
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