GE Profile Series Kitchen Hub LifestyleSource: Best Buy

Screens in the kitchen may not be overly common, but when a range hood deal like this happens with a screen built-in comes up — that could change. I have a Nest Hub Max on my kitchen counter, and you may have some other kind of smart display in your kitchen, but I'm willing to bet it's not a 27-inch screen that doubles as a range hood.

GE Profile Series Kitchen Hub Reco

A smart display that sucks: GE Profile Series Kitchen Hub

This 30-inch range hood from the GE Profile Series features a 27-inch touch screen with Google Assistant built-in. Filled with over 5,000 recipes, two cameras, speakers, oh, and it's an excellent range hood that can suck up smoke at up to 610 cubic feet per minute.

Having a smart display in the kitchen can be quite helpful, and a range hood is a near necessity for keeping cooking smoke and other things out of the rest of the house. GE has combined the two with its GE Profile Series Kitchen Hub Range Hood, which is on sale this Black Friday. With a 30-inch install size, it works with most standard size cooktop spaces.

You get a pretty advanced feature set from the range hood, not counting the smart display part. It has four fan speeds that can move air from 100 to 610 cubic feet per minute to keep air moving and your home from smelling like burnt bacon. The vent is convertible, so regardless of how you need to vent out the cooking smells, this range hood can work for you. There's also a built-in LED cooking light and a delayed shut-off for the fan.

GE Profile Series Kitchen Hub LifestyleSource: Best Buy

In terms of the smart display, it is a 27-inch touch screen running a custom version of Android, designed to be the best cooking assistant you could ask for. With built-in speakers, you can call up a recipe using the touch screen or use Google Assistant and follow along with the steps.

Using the dual camera set up, one front-facing and one downward-facing, you can video chat with someone and help or get help as you are cooking. If you prefer a bit of entertainment while you prepare a mean, you'll have access to things like Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and more, to keep you company while cooking. The GE Profile Series Kitchen Hub Range Hood also acts as a smart hub with U+ Connect that works with other GE appliances as well as other smart devices like Nest and Philips Hue.

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