The Eufy Security battery-powered 2K wireless video doorbell is down to $149.99 on Amazon with the code EUFYDB22. That is $50 off the video doorbell's regular price, and it has never gone lower than $190 before. This is a new video doorbell from Eufy, too, having just been introduced in late January.

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Eufy Security battery-powered 2K wireless video doorbell

Uses a Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens for picture-perfect resolution. See every visitor in sharp detail. Even though it's battery-powered, it can be wired too for non-stop power. Also has smart human detection, activity zones, and more.

$149.99 $200.00 $50 off

With coupon: EUFYDB22

The Eufy doorbell includes a built-in 2K Sony sensor along with a professional-grade lens so you can view all the activity through your doorbell in perfect clarity. The expanded field of view includes a 4:3 aspect ratio for a head-to-toe view of anyone approaching the door. You'll get just the right viewing angle every time.

Even though it's battery-powered, it's also designed to conserve that power. So one charge of the battery can last up to half a year, and you also have the option to use a wired connection for non-stop power.

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Other features include activity zones, motion sensors, and smart human detection so you don't get a false alarm when a cat walks in front of the camera. You'll get real-time alerts when anyone approaches so you don't miss a delivery or keep people waiting.

Eufy doesn't have any monthly fees or charges, either. You get what you pay for, and everything is stored locally so you're not paying for the cloud or anything like that. You'll keep all your footage to yourself behind a secure encryption, and even without the cloud you'll be able to view it all from anywhere whenever you want.

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