Save 20% and plug in with the Aukey Omnia 4-port USB-C charger

Aukey 4 Port Omnia
Aukey 4 Port Omnia

Time to take full advantage of that USB-C port and stop hindering your own device's ability to recharge faster with that old charger. The Aukey Omnia is a 4-port 102W USB-C wall charger, and when you clip the 20% off on-page coupon you can get it for $45.59 compared to its regular $57 street price. The Omnia has only been around since November. It's quite new and has never seen a direct price drop on Amazon before. You can get it today at its best price ever. This price is unique to the white version, and you can tell it's a huge discount because the black version is currently going for $77.

Has two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports which can all be used at once. Dynamic Detect lets you get full 100W power output from each USB-C port or split 45W for both USB-C and 12W for the USB-A ports when all four are used. Has built-in safeguards.

The Omnia has four ports, two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. The 102W power output can be distributed across all of them. If you're using all four devices at once you'll get 45W power per USB-C port and 12W for the USB-A ports. Aukey uses Dynamic Detect, which is tech that helps the charger maintain compatibility with pretty much all your gear. Given how many items you probably have these days, being able to charge your laptop, earbuds, smartphone, and more all from one simple device is excellent.

Despite having all these ports, the charger is built to be as compact as possible and has about the same size as other chargers. This is not an accident. It uses a gallium nitride chip, which gives you high-power charging without demanding a larger size. This way, along with the foldable plug, you get a nice and portable charger you can throw in your backpack.

It is UL-certified as well, which means there are built in safeguards to help protect both your new charger and the devices plugged into it. You won't have to worry about things like excessive current, overheating, or overcharging. These situations won't even come up and even if they did, the charger would deal with them.

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