Samsung's Galaxy S22 series might be more expensive than we thought

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Green Concept Render
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Green Concept Render (Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

What you need to know

  • A new rumor suggests the Galaxy S22 series phones could be more expensive than their predecessors.
  • The vanilla Galaxy S22 is tipped to start from $899.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra, on the other hand, could start from $1,299.

Samsung surprised everyone last year by launching the Galaxy S21 series at lower prices than their S20 counterparts. If a new rumor is to be believed, Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S22 series phones may actually be more expensive than the S21 series.

As per tipster @chunvn8888, the Galaxy S22 will start from $899 in the U.S. The Galaxy S22+ is said to start from $1,099, while the S22 Ultra could cost $1,299. If the information pans out, all three Galaxy S22 series phones will cost $100 more than their predecessors.

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While this is the first time that we're hearing of an increase in prices over the Galaxy S21 series, the information doesn't come as a surprise. Recent rumors suggest the vanilla Galaxy S22 will come with a premium glass back panel, just like the best Samsung phones.

The tipster has also shed on the possible pricing of the Galaxy Tab S8 series tablets. The flagship tablet lineup could start at $850 for the vanilla Galaxy Tab S8 and go up to $1,100 for the Tab S8 Ultra.

A report published by Digital Daily earlier this week claimed that Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S22 series at an Unpacked event on February 8. Pre-orders for the phones will apparently go live on February 9, while sales are said to be slated to start on February 24 in most markets.

Galaxy S21 Fe White Render Crop

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE is a Snapdragon 888-powered value flagship with an ultra-smooth 120Hz AMOLED screen and excellent battery life. It also has a thin and light design and runs Android 12 right out of the box.

Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • The new S21 FE is starting to look even better huh.
  • They are going to kill sales with the price increase.
  • With trade ins, you'll be able to get the S22 for $400.
  • Trade in my Pixel 6 Pro... wonder what my trade in 'value' will get me? That's a laugher, but I'm not laughing.
  • Where is the a53?
  • Here in the USA we are experiencing price increases for everything, so why would it be a surprise if the next phone also had a price increase? The carriers may offer some promotional discounts to lure people to their service.
  • Those are prices for the lowest storage models. Add another $100 for each step up.
  • Still cheaper than the S20 series. With all the shortages, i'm a bit surprised it's not even more expensive.
  • In India with taxes and stuff the 1300 USD price tag will put the S22 Ultra in the same price range as the 13/14 Pro Max. Gonna be difficult to move then...
  • People who own one of the S21 series phones and are planning to upgrade to the S22 are people who do not care about global warming and the future of our planet. Stop encouraging rich companies to produce non-stop
  • $900 is a crap price and glass backs are just a fine way to have a more fragile device less likely to survive until its trade-in date. Remember, the Galaxy S5 had a removable back and user-replaceable battery while retaining an IP rating.
  • The iphone 13 pro max cost up to $1600 and the regular cost $1300 at launch ;-)
  • New year, same slabs, higher prices