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Samsung's 65-inch Q70T 4K HDR smart TV has matched a low price of $1,098

Q70t 4k Samsung
Q70t 4k Samsung (Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon has Samsung's 65-inch Q70T 4K HDR smart TV (opens in new tab) on sale for $1,097.99. You can find a similar price at Best Buy, B&H (opens in new tab), and other retailers. The TV normally sells for around $1,300. We have only seen it drop this low once before, and that deal expired after one day. Since this TV is being featured as a Best Buy daily deal, we assume the same thing is going to happen here. Grab it for this low price while you can.

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Find this same deal at Best Buy, B&H, and others. The TV has a Quantum Processor for 4K upscaling, a 240 Motion Rate for smooth action, and HDR support with HDR 10+ and HLG. With Alexa built in, you can control the TV with your voice.

The Q70T series is from Samsung's 2020 QLED lineup. While it is on the lower end of the lineup in terms of features, it's also on the lower end in terms of cost. If you want that beautiful QLED technology, this is a great way to do it. Today's deal puts the Q70T nearly $500 less than the moderate step-up the Q80T (opens in new tab), so you're saving hundreds and not losing out on much.

The Q70T series uses a Quantum Processor with deep-learning AI for all your 4K content, which also helps upscale less-than-4K stuff so you always have the best image on your screen. Quantum HDR also gives you an expansive range of colro and detail. It has a 240 Motion Rate, which keeps everything smooth even when there's a ton of action on the screen.

Samsung TVs also have this thing called Ambient Mode. Basically, for your average TV when it's not in use it's just a giant, ugly black box on your wall or sitting uselessly in the corner of the room. Ambient Mode lets you make your TV useful at all times. Either you can display some artwork and neat visuals on the empty screen or actually get relevant info like the weather available to you with a simple glance.

The Q70T has Amazon's Alexa built right in so you can use the smart assistant to control the TV with your voice. She can change the channel, raise and lower the volume, search for movies, and more. Plus you'll be able to control the rest of your smart home, too.

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  • Do not buy this TV. It is edge lit which is very basic and bad tech, buy last years Q70R for much much less, or this years Q80T or Q90T to get full array backlighting. There is an enormous jump in picture quality from edge to backlit, if you want a 2020 TV for this price range look at another brand or step up to the Q80T. I have done hours and hours of research on Samsungs 2020 TVs to replace my current TV. This one is a HUGE step down from previous models. Samsung decided this year to focus on their new 8k sets and to make all the 2020 models worse to push people to the 8k sets. The Q70T is bad, edge lit, and has a slower processor than all the other 2020 QLEDs. The Q80T has full array local dimming backlight with 50 dimming zones and is equivalent to last years Q70R but surprisingly the 2019 Q70R has a slightly better picture. The Q90T is Samsung's 2020 flagship and does represent a step up in picture quality with 96 zones of FALD. The benefit of the 2020 models is they all have FreeSync, Auto Low Latency Mode and 1 (only one) of the HDMI ports supports HDMI 2.1 at full 48Gb bandwidth. What all that translates to is the best support for current and future gaming consoles of any 4k TV currently on the market so if you're a gamer the 2020 models are worth the extra money. I just purchased the Q90T and the new Q800T soundbar bundle from Amazon last night and cant wait for it to arrive. TLDR: The 2020 Q70T is a bad TV, it uses really old edge lit tech, upgrade to the 2020 Q80T or 2020 Q90T or step back a year and buy either the 2019 Q70R, 2019 Q80R, or the 2019 Q90R. Take a look at RTINGS website for more tech details.
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