Is this the Verizon Samsung Stratosphere, and is it coming soon?

We've been talking about the Samsung Stratosphere since July, and today an image popped up at the Wirefly site for the Pantech Breakout that looks like it might just be the final press shots of the phone itself.  To refresh your memory, the Stratosphere is rumored to be a Verizon LTE device, with a full sliding horizontal qwerty keyboard.  Other rumored specs include a Super AMOLED screen and front facing camera, making this one an Epic 4G clone for Verizon LTE users -- and we know there's a lot of intrest out there in that.

What seeing these images on a site like wirefly that sells phones indirectly for Verizon means is still up for grabs.  There's rumors that the Stratosphere may be hitting the shelves as early as Oct. 6, but then again there were rumours that it would debut on Sept. 8 as well -- which of course didn't happen.  What we can be pretty sure of is that it's real, and it's coming eventually to Verizon, and hopefully bringing a nice full keyboard along for people who have been wanting LTE and qwerty.

We've got one more pic after the break.

Source: Wirefly; via Owen Johnston

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Really???
  • LTE, Super AMOLED, unlocked BL (assuming) AND a QWERTY! If this is true then I'm all over this like ants on candy. Finally something worth retiring the Droid2 for.
  • I know it wont be the best but please give it a good processor. A good upgrade from my Desire Z would be nice.. It seems that people think QWERTY keyboard and 4" screen automatically means low-mid range. Maybe some people just like a phone they can easily type with and fit in their pocket..
  • Lmao I was thinking exactly what you said, it just looks like low-mid range, the way I see it is I have a droid x so getting a droid bionic is no upgrade and according to my experience with the screen it is somewhat of a downgrade, I want same screen size or bigger, better resolution, and a 1g dual core is no longer high end...etc
    Droid prime
  • Fuck the keyboard and I'll take it
  • ..then get a charge. There are plenty of options if you don't want a keyboard.
  • Looks like the Galaxy S Slider that was just announced for Rogers in Canada. 1.2 Ghz Dual core. Check it out on
  • That IMO should have been the Stratosphere, not this warmed over Epic 4G rehash. It's annoying that the internals in this are so outdated. If it had Galaxy S II parts I'd be willing to put it higher on my list, but as such it remains a fall back only if I can't force myself to get used to the Nexus Prime's on screen keyboard when that ever comes out.
  • We don't know the specs. Just because it looks like the epic doesn't mean it has the same specs. Hopefully its sporting the same internals as the one linked above.
  • Lets get all of Sprint's phones and put LTE in them and call them something else.?!
  • Yep. And having a LTE chip in it vs. WiMAX makes it worth it @ twice the price. It actually goes to show that Sprint has a nice lineup of phones, but their choice of jumping on WiMAX was just SO DUMB that now it has put them back >1yr on having nationwide 4G.
  • Screw this POS. Wheres my damn Prime!
  • Looks like it's right here:
  • This looks like my wife's next phone. Had a D2 and it's a piece of $#%&. She MUST use a keyboard, so it's nice to see a 4g device with a keyboard. I LOVE my Dinc, but next upgrade will probably be a charge. I am liking Samsungs products lately.