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Samsung Gear VR is now available for purchase at Best Buy

Samsung's Gear VR headset is readily available at both AT&T and Samsung, but if you'd rather pick up the accessory from Best Buy, now you're more than able. It's a purchase we'd recommend to those who are fans of Samsung hardware (since you'll need the Galaxy Note 4) and virtual reality. The Gear VR can be yours for $199.

The headset itself, powered by the Galaxy Note 4, offers a unique gaming and experimental experience, essentially enabling you to interact with your mobile device in new ways. And yes, since this is essentially powered by the Samsung smartphone, you'll need to have a Galaxy Note 4 at the ready.

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  • Really thinking about buying one.... hmmm Posted via the Android Central App
  • Anyone who is on the fence on buying one should! This is a must have if you own a Note 4. The Gear VR is unreal. Looking forward to new content for this!! Just get micro fiber cloth and canned air which will help keep the optics clear. Tiny dust and other lint will magnify if not cleaned.
  • Not enough content yet to justify the price.
    As good a phone as the Evo 3D was, content and basic customer wariness was the death nail in the 3D phone department. I really miss those 3D Gameloft games. Rooted LG G2.
    Rooted GS3, Stock Galaxy Note 4
    If it ain't Tech, it ain't Right!
  • I'm on the fence (already have Google Cardboard that i've only used twice). What content does it currently have that makes this a must?
  • Yes unleash the VR porn!!!!! Someone had to say it might as well be a naughty kitty..
  • VR-P will probably do just as well as 3D-P... :) Rooted LG G2.
    Rooted GS3, Stock Galaxy Note 4
    If it ain't Tech, it ain't Right!
  • It's awesome lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Dennis Miller said it best 20 years ago! "When you can sit in your Barkalounger and boink Claudia Schiffer, it's going to make crack look like Sanka!"
  • I'm going to head over to Best Buy and check this out.
  • If u ever saw SEA QUEST they made these 30 years ago. LOL Posted via Android Central App
  • YES! I was thinking the same thing! I loved that show too.
  • Hilarious Posted via the Android Central App
  • What's the major difference between this from Samsung and the google cardboard version, besides the $165 differential? Anyone had experience with the cardboard/note4 setup?
  • Big difference. Cardboard just wets your taste buds of VR and is very limited. Samsung Gear VR is refined and complete as what the experience should be. Also they teamed up with Oculus Rift to make a sweet package. Also the headset is very comfortable to wear and has built in controls as cardboard, well just cardboard!
  • Gotcha, OK, so it is worth it in your opinion, to go with the Samsung version. Sorry if this is another dumb inquiry, but where does one find content for the VR? Is most content now just observatory or is there some content that is interactive? I tried the Samsung headset out at a mall a little while ago and the demo was just a Cirque de Solei scene for like 90 seconds. It was alright, but just wanted to know if there was more to the experience than just 90 clips.
  • There are currently a FEW games and game demos available...but since Samsung isn't letting anyone charge for content yet, selection is a bit limited. Once you connect your phone to the headset, you will have access to the "Oculus Store" where you can download games, "movies" and other content for the GearVR...but you can only access this AFTER you have connected your Note 4 to the GearVR....would be nice if they let non-owners preview what content is available.
  • Found this on Reddit
  • I've never used the Samsung VR but also read the field of view for google cardboard is about 64 degrees and the Samsung is about 96 degress. Those numbers might be off a little. Also cardboard really works best with a nexus 5. You can really see the pixels on the nexus 5 when using cardboard. Id assume it wouldn't be as bad on the note4 considering the higher resolution but I heard pixels are still quite noticeable. Posted via Android Central App
  • Has anyone recorded something using their own 360° camera to watch later on a VR setup like this? Like 360° home movies?
  • At this moment I'm actually more excited about what windows is doing with hologram. Posted on my Galaxy S5
  • I'm not. I want a fully immersive experience, not just "holograms" overlaid on your existing room. I think MS's headset has some potential, but for gaming and other truly immersive experiences, full VR is what I am after. There is also the fact that once the Note 4 is in the GearVR headset, you don't need anything else. No computer, no console, no CORDS! It's 100% self contained, which, IMHO is a huge advantage.
  • To me it would be impossible to use Microsoft Hologram in the dark. With VR you can use it in any light condition. And I'm hearing that you get tunnel vision with Microsoft's headset. It does not give you a feeling of immersion. It sounds nice on paper but I'm putting my money on Oculus Rift. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I would assume that this would work with my Note Edge since it is basically the same as the Note 4 other than the screen. But can anyone confirm that? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Will not work with the Edge. Primary reason why I got a standard Note 4. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Thornberg, note 4 only. Not edge.
    No best buy within 50 miles has them. Lol Posted via the Android Central App