Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi-only version could be coming on April 4 for $399

It is no secret that Samsung has been working on a WiFi-only Galaxy Tab, but now emerges a flier that indicates it might be coming April 4 for a cool $399. The problem for Samsung is that its 7-inch tablet has been left behind by recent devices like the Xoom in both hardware (Tegra 2 processors) and software (Honeycomb). And given that Samsung has given no indication of putting Honeycomb on the current crop of Galaxy Tabs, it may be that users will be stuck on Froyo unless choosing to install custom ROMs. If it runs on the Nook Color, it has to run on the Galaxy Tab, right?

Sound off on if you are interested in buying it over on the Galaxy Tab boards of the Android Central Forums. [Droid-Life]

Kyle Gibb
  • possible upgrade to honeycomb and I am sold on it, 399 is a HUGE pull factor
  • Don't hold your breath. Why even release this now.
  • If samsung updates my captivate to 2.2.1 or/if gingerbread then I might consider the tab, but as is right now I'm a lil burned by samsung.
  • Maybe unseat the Nook as the ideal platform for hacking?
  • 7 inches is just to small for me. If this were the 8.9 with Tegra 2? I would buy it in a heart beat.
  • That's what I thought til I got it. I gave my wife my iPad bucz Grab fits in all of my pockets (if u don't wear skinny jeans & Y would u)and suit jackets. I can actually take it everywhere.
  • D.O.A. since the Xoom wifi-only comes out first. Dumb, stupid, idiotic move, Samsung. If they had dropped this even the same MONTH as the wifi-only xoom, they might've had a chance. But everyone who wanted a galaxy tab without a contract already went the verizon back-door method of buying one with a month-to-month data plan and then cancelling the plan. 4 months between the release with carriers and the wifi-only? He's dead, Jim.
  • I would agree with you here if it weren't for the Galaxy Tab's 7" forum factor...believe it or not some people don't want a full 10.1 inch tablet as it isn't as portable. I do think that the wifi only version is way late in the game....they would have pushed a lot more of these units had it come last year.
  • I agree this was sooo stupid but carrier release assured a certain amount would be sold. They had to hold it later than the November date Bcuz the carriers werent selling many. They probably told them to hold the release or we won't buy future products.
  • That is exactly what I did with a Sprint version.
  • Really @Toxikhiro? A $200 price difference doesn't do anything for you?
  • The price difference IS significant, but having been burned by Samsung once already (epic user) I would consider the extra two bills an investment in Honeycomb in it's native environment, not some half-a** hack-job like Samsung will probably do to the galaxy tab IF (and that's a ponderously, prodigiously, mammoth, huge IF) they update galaxy tabs to Honeycomb. I'll pay the extra 200 for the much better FFC, as well. If they (Samsung) had managed to push the wifi-only out slightly earlier, some of us might've been fooled into thinking it was a good option, but they done f*cked up, now.
  • Of y they update my Grab I will be surprised. Why would u buy the new Sammy stuff then is their thinking.
  • Of y they update my Grab I will be surprised. Why would u buy the new Sammy stuff then is their thinking.
  • I know everyone has been saying the Xoom is too big, but I just can't imagine 7 inches being big enough. I'm not in the tab market, but if I was, I'd be getting a Xoom WiFi.
  • I have an iPad1 and a Nook Color. Since getting the Nook my iPad has been relegated to IM duty on my desk, it's just too big to comfortably haul around the house, let alone out of it. For me the 7" size is just about perfect. As for the Tab WiFi, talk about too little too late. If they'd released the WiFi-only version back in November, when they said they were going to, it would have sold like hotcakes -- I certainly would have bought one instead of the #*#@# iPad I regret getting. Now? Outdated and too expensive. It's seriously annoying to see Android pad makers constantly shooting themselves in the foot like this. No WiFi version -- which has become so habitual I can only assume the carriers are behind that -- and priced like they own the market? Gah, way to hand Apple customers on a silver platter.
  • I am still going to wait to see the line of Asus tablets. Looks like they are going to be cool
  • Damn wow, that's a super nice price, who'd buy a Xoom wifi for $600 now? Myalover, do you know anyone with an iPad? Ask to play with it for a few hours, even a 9" is too big for being a "tablet", tablets' purpose is to be mobile and multitasking which the iPad lacks both in- but that's Apple. The size = more weight, holding it up for longer than 5 minutes isn't fun. I've spent a whole weekend playing with a friend's iPad and a coworker's Galaxy Tab and I MUCH prefer the 7".
  • Why would I buy a device whose out-of-the-box OS is two iterations behind the current one? Not to mention that you don't know if the Galaxy Tab's chipset can even handle honeycomb (not that you'll ever see the update from Samsung, anyway!). Add touchwiz and a bogged-down CPU to the mix and you got yourself a great contender for last place! Let's see if Samsung can do any better with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (though I'm not holding my breath).
  • the pic on the poster doesnt really look like touchwiz but more like a (lets hope) tablet optimized near vanilla version of 2.2
  • If the Nook Color can run Honeycomb the Galaxy Tab should be able to handle it. The Hummingbird Processor in the Tab seems to be more powerful then the OMAP in the NC.
  • Still a toy.....
  • i dont understand why they took so long for the wifi to come to sale? can you imagine how many they sell if they have released the wife months ago?
  • I like the price but is have to know that it is getting honeycomb
  • There is NO WAY I would even consider this tablet with the Xoom WiFi coming out and even the new Samsung 10.1 . This tablet is old news and unless they give it a good upgrade to Android 3.0 it is DOA . Even with it though I dont think the smaller screen size ever caught on the way they thought it would . I bought one of these on launch day last year and returned it the very same day , total garbage and just an oversized smartphone , no thanks . The Xoom is far far superior !!!
  • I think $600 for the WiFi is a good price. This will be immediately usable to me at work when I try cases. I can load all of the important documents and exhibits on in PDF format and not have to carry 3 or 4 big banker boxes of documents with me. The ability to look at documents in portrait rather than landscape is the selling point to me over my laptop. I prefer Android to Apple because I like to have access to the system, directory structure, etc.
  • I bought it already with Sprint and after personal use for a few weeks I like it. I have had the Evo from day one and what I learned from both is I rather have the HTC View. So as soon as the Htc comes out Im giving my galaxy tab to my younger brother. Dont get me wrong the galaxy tab is good and everyone of my co workers have been surprised by how nice it is, I just prefer a Htc device
  • Not no, but hell no! Had the Moment. Have the Epic. Do you people really think you will EVER see a update? If so, you need to step away from the crack pipe! Just to get into the tablet game I bought a no name Archos 70 250 gig. Willing to bet it smokes your tabs. Very few force closes AND I have had 4 updates for bugs and such. Archos will have Gingerbread or Honeycomb long before a Samsung even remembers they put out a product call a Galaxy Tab.
  • Samsung pretty much comes out with a new updated ROM for the Tab every couple of weeks and leaks them out. Just go to XDA if you don't believe me. I'm running version JMI on my Tab and it is completely unlocked and allows full phone functionality. It is very fast and has no lagging.
  • The galaxy tab is a great little tablet. The 7" form factor is perfect for traveling, couch surfing or reading in bed. It weighs less than half of what the xoom weighs, and is much easier to operate one hand. It is also much easier to type on than any other 10" tablet. I say don't knock it until you try it. It also has much greater pixel density than any other tablet on the market today. Root it and head over to XDA and run one of the great ROM's that are available for it. You will have full phone functionality, flash video, 32gb micro SD card support, 16 gigs of internal memory to install every app you ever wanted and you can even rent movies right on the tab. It will run all your favorite apps and games that you run on your phone only it will do it faster and at 1024 x 768 on a bright beautiful screen. If you like froyo you will love the tab and its just a matter of time until XDA has honeycomb ready for it.
  • still too much, 300 is more acceptable.
  • Man there are a bunch of little whiny b*tchs in here. The Xoom is to much! The Galaxy comes in at $200 less and still people have to piss and moan. Froyo is still a very nice and will be just fine for what ever you want to do. So what if it wasnt made for a tab.
  • Or, it's more than the market is willing to bear. Considering a subsidised Tab can be had for the same or less money (depending on carrier), I would be inclined to agree that the wi-fi only Tab, when compared to other similar tabs in the same time frame (remember, the 7" Asus MeMo is also $399, and has 3g and may also have unlocked phone hw) and that price is too hi for a wi-fi only first-gen Tab.
  • Finally someone got the price right. And I don't even care if it gets an official update, xda or someone will have 3.0 up in no time on this thing. Granted this thing should have been out last year...
  • this thing was almost outdated when it came out. and their just now putting out the wi fi version if this is not a big enough stay away sign i don't know what is.
  • Outdated? At the time it came out, what was it oudated compared to?
  • If your gonna buy a tablet get one with a tablet sized processor and os. Samsung is always last in the market with updates and most people don't want to mod their brand new tablet just to make it how it should have been from the manufactorer. I doubt this thing will ever get an official update past froyo. That's why its cheap. They are done with it. You get what you bought and that's it IMO.
  • I think Samsung are better at updates than Motorola are, Motorola usually don't update their phones and when they do they take forever with them. We'll have to see how they handle their Xoom, because I surely don't think they'll be any different with it.
  • Too little, too late, too much.
    Dell Streak 7 is pre-ordering for $20 less (even though they are worse than Sammy at providing updates, if that's possible).
    Makes me wonder what the Galaxy Wifi 5.0 will launch at, $349?? Good luck selling those at that price.
    The next 60-90 days will see many 7" tabs with better specs for less money.
  • 1 mobile phone provider in the U.S.1, announced today that several retail stores and Web sites will carry the WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab™ by April 10, offering customers the opportunity to buy this powerful and compact mobile tablet for $349.99