Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi-only version could be coming on April 4 for $399

It is no secret that Samsung has been working on a WiFi-only Galaxy Tab, but now emerges a flier that indicates it might be coming April 4 for a cool $399. The problem for Samsung is that its 7-inch tablet has been left behind by recent devices like the Xoom in both hardware (Tegra 2 processors) and software (Honeycomb). And given that Samsung has given no indication of putting Honeycomb on the current crop of Galaxy Tabs, it may be that users will be stuck on Froyo unless choosing to install custom ROMs. If it runs on the Nook Color, it has to run on the Galaxy Tab, right?

Sound off on if you are interested in buying it over on the Galaxy Tab boards of the Android Central Forums. [Droid-Life]

Kyle Gibb