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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (US Wifi) OTA update rolling out

There's an OTA update slowly being pushed out for the US Wifi version Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and no it's not Ice Cream Sandwich.  It's a maintenance release of some sort we first saw back in January, and have been hearing a bit of news about it trickling out for the past week or so.  It still doesn't seem to be pushing en masse, but it's picked up enough steam that we're pretty certain pushing it out something they've meant to do.

The particulars are Android 3.2 and build number HTJ85B.UEKMP P7510UEKMP.  Other notable improvements are fixes for email attachment issues, rotation issues, Wifi reconnect issues, other system file force close issues, and improved power consumption.  It also brings the 3.4.4 version of the Android Market, so be sure to delete any shortcuts to the old Market and replace them. 

Check for your copy in your system settings, or grab the full version if you want to update at your own leisure below.  Hit the forums if you need any assistance!

More: XDA-Developers; Thanks, DaEXfactoR!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • grabbing this update NOW, thanks!
  • Installing it now. Just it is so slow on the reboot. I am hating the waiting part so I can use it again.
  • Got my update on Saturday...everything seems to be smoother. Waiting on ICS next!
  • Pushed to the 8.9 as well.
  • The 7 Plus got this as well over the weekend.
  • As well Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Plus.
  • This has been out for over a month now. My Tablet shipped with this version and my Custom ROM is based on it :) ROM Here:
  • Very nice! Took about 20 min, and It was all done. Only big thing I've noticed is that the new market is on it.
  • Omfg. Even Canada got an update. I was still on 3.1. Installing 3.2 now.
  • This is a worldwide update. I'm from Malaysia, and I got this over the weekend as well. I was on 3.1 before this, so now I'm on 3.2. If anything, the system on the whole seems quite a bit slower and laggier. Anyone else feeling the same?
  • just wish they'd upgrade to ICS. The Xoom and the Iconia now have them... WTF????? Since 3.1 there have been two updates, you guys are way behind. ;) Cant say anything about the battery until i us it. It took so long loading it up that I fell sleep last night. I'm using it now and it seems much smoother.
  • I also got my update on Saturday charge seems to be lasting much longer, but ICS would be nice!
  • Waiting on ics
  • UI feels much better after the update. Will have to test it the whole day. New Market is definitely a plus, looks and works great. After the second reboot, boot up is fast. RAM is less, when you have more than 4 applications actively open (2 tab - browser, zinio, google current and kindle), it slows down, but it is not unusable. Good thing, they have task-manager to clear RAM and kill tasks. I would like to see ICS, but I want it to work well. I do not care if I have to install all my applications again, I want it to work well. I know how hard it is to release an update, which is a total re-write of the OS to work well with the existing Applications and Data. Kies will have to backup data of applications alone and then restore the data after apps are installed for ICS,
  • Just updated. I can now edit notes in contacts. Hooray! Even though I could not get a single user in any forum to verify the issue or even acknowledge it, I am glad Samsung was aware.
  • Updating my 8.9 now. So glad the wi-fi reconnect issue is fixed.