Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (US Wifi) OTA update rolling out

There's an OTA update slowly being pushed out for the US Wifi version Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and no it's not Ice Cream Sandwich.  It's a maintenance release of some sort we first saw back in January, and have been hearing a bit of news about it trickling out for the past week or so.  It still doesn't seem to be pushing en masse, but it's picked up enough steam that we're pretty certain pushing it out something they've meant to do.

The particulars are Android 3.2 and build number HTJ85B.UEKMP P7510UEKMP.  Other notable improvements are fixes for email attachment issues, rotation issues, Wifi reconnect issues, other system file force close issues, and improved power consumption.  It also brings the 3.4.4 version of the Android Market, so be sure to delete any shortcuts to the old Market and replace them. 

Check for your copy in your system settings, or grab the full version if you want to update at your own leisure below.  Hit the forums if you need any assistance!

More: XDA-Developers; Thanks, DaEXfactoR!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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