Galaxy S5 extra battery kit

Samsung's extra battery kit gives you a second battery for your GS5, a protective case and an external charger

If you've got a phone with a removable battery, like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you might as well put it to good use. Sure, you can use an external USB battery pack with just about any mobile device, but that doesn't beat the instant refill you get by swapping out a dead battery for a fully-charged replacement.

And that's exactly what Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S5 lets you do, while also providing an easy way to charge your spare battery outside of your phone.

Buy: Samsung Galaxy S5 extra battery kit on ($47.95)

Galaxy S5 extra battery kitGalaxy S5 extra battery kit

Like previous Samsung charging kits, this one's a three-part setup. First is the battery itself, a 2800mAh cell, identical to the one that comes with the Galaxy S5. And second, a clear plastic protective case to keep your spare battery safe in transit.

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Then there's the external charger itself — a glossy plastic box a little larger than the battery, which charges it at 1.7 amps. Simply slot your battery inside, connect a microUSB 2.0 or 3.0 cable to the port, and you're good to go. A charging LED will let you know when the battery is fully charged — red means it's charging, green means it's full.

Galaxy S5 extra battery kitGalaxy S5 extra battery kit

As we said in our review, the Galaxy S5 has pretty good battery life, so a second battery might not be something you use every day. But it's worth having to hand in case you need it, and it's an easy way to effectively double your time away from a wall charger. Both main parts — the battery in its case, and the external charger — are small enough to easily fit in a pocket, making them easy to take with you however you travel.

Samsung's official extra battery kit for the Galaxy S5 is available to buy now from, priced at $47.95. If it's just an official replacement battery you're after without the charger or case, ShopAndroid has that for $29.95.