Samsung's Galaxy S21 series covers the gamut of what most people will want from an Android flagship. The standard S21 packs flagship internals into a pocketable and pretty affordable package. The S21 Plus upsizes the screen and offers premium glass construction. And the S21 offers a ridiculously great camera system that's total overkill.

And if you're shopping for some great Cyber Monday Android phone deals, you can pick up all three of the Galaxy S21 phones for the cheapest prices we've yet seen. In particular, if you've got an older device to trade in, then some of the carriers will give you a ridiculous trade-in offer against a Cyber Monday S21 purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Render Phantom Violet Back Official

Samsung Galaxy S21

While many retailers, including Samsung itself, will sell you a Galaxy S21 for its starting price of $799, only AT&T and Verizon offer the most generous trade-in offers for your current device. If you're rocking a two-year-old 128GB Galaxy S10, for example, AT&T will offer you $800 credit, basically covering the full cost of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S21+ in Phantom Silver

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

While not as ridiculous as the regular Galaxy S21 offer above, you can still save a bundle on the S21 Plus when purchased directly from Samsung with a trade-in. Whether you're buying the unlocked version or going with a carrier variant, you can knock up to $600 off the price of your new phone.

From $449 w/ trade in at Samsung
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Phantom Black Render Reco

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The top-end Galaxy S21 Ultra is also available with some serious savings from Samsung, AT&T, and Verizon. Samsung's trade-in offer can help you score an S21 Ultra for as little as $250. AT&T's maximum offer of $800 for much older devices like the Galaxy S10 also applies here, and over at Verizon you can save up to $1,000 when you trade in your old phone with an unlimited plan.

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