Samsung Galaxy S III coming to Sprint on June 21st, pre-orders start June 5th

Sprint announced this morning that they will be offering the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III starting June 21st. We just reported that all the major carriers will offer the new device, but we didn't have specific dates.

Sprint's Galaxy S III offering will be unique because it is the only phone to come preloaded with Google Wallet and the only one to offer an unlimited data plan. Sprint has been constantly highlighting the fact that they are sticking with unlimited data plans, which is good to see.

The Galaxy S III will be available in 16GB ($199) and 32GB ($249) and also in both Pebble Blue and Marble White. The rest of the specs remain the same.

Pre-orders for Sprint begin June 5th, so if you're interested in getting yours, visit Sprint's pre-order page.

Samsung's newest flagship phone is almost here and it's great to see carriers announcing both pre-order and release dates. Check back later today for our definitive review of the international version.

Source: Sprint

Sean Brunett
  • how much off contract?
  • HOLLA!!..I CANT WAIT, although u cant go to the preorder page on the sprint website
  • It's gonna be hard holding out for the 64gb version...
  • lmao that would be an awesome Troll.
  • Nice, already eligible for a full upgrade... Found a phone that will tie me down until the Journal gets released...
  • I would not count on the Note being renamed the Journal. Samsung has shown with the release of SIII, they have the clout and muscle to demand the carriers leave the name and the design of its phones alone. I applaud Samsung, and the carriers, for refusing to have multiple names and variations of the same device. It makes branding of the phone easier for the OEM, and easily recognizable for the consumer.
  • will it have a removable battery, i didnt find it in the press release
  • Yes, every model does.
  • Well, looks like I have some decisions to make regarding my July upgrade. I didn't really think it would hit the states until August or so. Anxiously awaiting an in-depth review for the GS3....
  • I'm in the same boat. Didn't think the GSIII was going to make it here near as quick, so I just figured the EVO LTE was a no, it's up in the air. Hopefully the review will give us a few good head to head comparisons...
  • Grrrrr. My wedding gift of a nexus might have to be returned. Luckily I still have 4 days left on my return policy. I have to do some more research but this may be in my hands soon
  • Which 4G radio(s)?
  • Sprint will never release a wimax phone again.
  • Maybe he wanted to know if it will be 800mhz compatible.
  • Thank you, yes, specs would have been nice. The amateur Sprint history lesson didn't tell me anything about the GS3.
  • GS2 was the last WiMAX phone, right?
  • I'm sure this will be on the employee referral plan. Look there first before you jump on the pre-order ;)
  • Read one review stating the Evo 4G LTE could talk and surf while on 3g. Wondering if this will offer the same since I'm sure it is about a year out from having LTE in SLC, UT. Anyone seen any rumors on it? Do we know when it will be reviewed. Will Samsung be smart and do what HTC did and leave the bloatware off and let me go down load my telanav, sprintTV, Sprint Football, etc.. on my own instead of forcing them on me?
  • Looks like the SGS3 will also support "SVDO and SVLTE support, including SVDO or SVLTE and simultaneous 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi tether". Quote comes from the Spring 4G Rollout Updates website:
  • Then hopefully the Note will be here in july like then rumors said! If no official news by end of july I will be getting this.
  • nice.....cnt wait to get some feedback on it!
  • Will it have an LTE radio in it? I forget what it said before
  • Since Sprint likes to rename things, what will they rename this one, Epic LTE Touch?
  • Sooo, 16 or 32?? Please tell me it will have a Micro SD slot and were not going the way of the iphone.
  • True, once these manufacturers go to no card slot and no removable battery, I will stick with the older phones. Plain and simple.
  • Go Sprint!! Two awesome devices already and it's not even summer yet. I can't wait to see what's next!
  • wow, i'm Glad Samsung didn't fold to the USA carriers like it did with the G s 1 and G s 2..
  • Samsung Scares me. They're doing what HTC used to do. Put out a new phone every other week. Look at the S II, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note. Look how fast the S III came out after the SII. HTC on the other hand has slowed down quite a bit, and now they're making True Flagship phones that people will keep for 2 years. EVO 4G (June 2010)
    EVO 4G LTE (June 2012)
  • You are forgetting the Evo 3D, Evo Design, and Evo Shift for starters.
  • Exactly what I was gonna say. plus the galaxy s2 was about 6 months older than you think cause it took so long to make it to the states and the s3 is shipping here much quicker. the s2 is over a year old.
  • Meh, I don't think Bruhman is a scared as he says. Everything about WebOS scared him but it took him a year to get out. He feels warmer and fuzzier with iphone where the release-of-the-year can have top billing for a year or more and he can get case colors to match his belt and purse.
  • Belt and Purse.... Now THAT right there was funny... I don't care who y'are.... that's funny!
  • I should qualify that to say "Flagship" Phones. Samsung Galaxy Nexus, SII, SIII... P.S. I own an EVO 4G LTE, not an iPwne
  • Dang it! i just picked up the EVO LTE on saturday cuz i didnt know when this thing was coming out! good thing i have 14 days, looks like ill be taking the EVO back and pre ordering me this bad boy!
  • I'm in the same boat as you are.
  • Now that Sprint has gotten the GS3 and the new EVO out of the way I am really hoping they announce a high end keyboard slider in one of these variants or with specs close to it. I've got my new baby in the EVO LTE but my wife needs a new phone. Sprint's best keyboard Android phone is almost a year and a half old now.
  • I thought somewhere on AC there was a new LG higher end slider announced coming to Sprint. I could be wrong though.
  • Just picked up the Evo 4G LTE and it rocks! 1st full charge lasted 14.4 hours and still had 21% charge remaining!! Fast, beautiful screen. Though I wish it was a removable battery, I'm glad I have the SD card slot! I'll take a look at the Galaxy S3 when it hits the stores and see if I want to do a swap, but I am pretty happy with the Evo. Glad we have options and choices for all!
  • It's pretty awesome we have choices, my in-laws both arrived into town this past weekend and to my surprise both having brand new Evo LTE phones (they had og Evo prior). I played with the phones a lil bit and the screen is beautiful and the camera is definitely better than my Nexus. Dang though I just like the Nexus ICS OS so much more. Sense adds some great things don't get me wrong, they have an awesome set of widgets for example and other things as well. Looking forward to seeing the GS3 in stores and I am so glad it seems they finally left things unchanged.
  • ***
  • I'm still keeping that my EVO LTE I just picked up, which is a better phone for day to day use for me, EVO's built quality is great (it wowed my friend when I put it next to his iPhone 4S) whereas Samsung phones always have low quality plastic build which doesn't get as good first impression. According to the reviews SGS III doesn't really out performs SGS II in real comes with about the same crappy radios as GS2..
    I also bought HTC MEDIA LINK, and this thing is amazing, I am buying another one for my family SUV that already have HDMI dock for mirroring my phone on LCD and 8" in-dash touch pannel.
  • you do that...troll
  • shut up and take my money!
  • Does this version have 2 gb of RAM?
  • Pre-order page says yes it will have 2GB of RAM!! That pretty much cinches it for me, I'm onboard for this beast. It'll be out on the 21st, hopefully by then we'll have some kind of idea when LTE will go into effect here in San Antonio.
  • Great, will wait for review to decide if i'll jump on board.
  • I preordered the Evo LTE. But when Amazon told me that it probably wouldn't ship till mid July, l took it as a sign and cancelled the order. My old Evo 4G is still running fine and l get a nice WiMax signal here in Seattle. Now l'm content with the idea of walking into a Sprint store and getting a good hands-on experience with the both GS3 and the new Evo. And the more l overcome my gear lust, l think l'm ultimately going to wait till Seattle's LTE is lit before l grab one of these next gen phones.
  • S4, 2Gb of RAM,.....
    If this thing has any lag I swear it will go back to the carrier, hopefully through the stores front windows.
  • how does pre order work ?? do u pay it off fully or how ??
  • I'm sure they'll namer this one the Epic 4G LTE if they stay predictable lol
  • I wonder if the GPS is apeice of garbage like the e4gt.. damn thing losses GPS signal every single day, multiple times a day.
  • Hey folks: Anyone else seriously considering porting your number over to Verizon where you'll be able to actually get the phone AND the LTE service at the same time? The phone price is the same, but the monthly service is a bit more, but at least you'd get the speed your device is capable of. Getting Sprint's 3G speeds while you're out and about would be unbearable. Any thoughts?
  • How much are Verizon's data use overage charges again?