Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch now available online from Sprint

Despite having the longest name in smartphone history, the Samsung Galaxy S II Sprint Epic 4G Touch is the first of the Galaxy S II devices to reach the United States -- you can hit up Sprint online and order one right now.  It's going to set you back $199.99 and a two year agreement (or $499.99 if you buy it outright), but for that money you're getting 1.2GHz of dual-core, and 4.52 inches of Super AMOLED Plus loving.  Toss in Sprint's Wimax 4G, and an all new version of TouchWiz, and there's a lot there to get excited over. 

Settle in, dust off your credit card, and hit up Sprint -- then drop in the forums to spread the good word.  Things are gonna get busy in there I think!

Source: Sprint

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  • I can't wait to get this thing! Truly an awesome device! I hope I don't get OG Evo withdrawals!
  • I am in the same boat, but I am willing to make the jump. Looks like an awesome device!
  • man I am excited about this one!
  • I want this bad, but not $500 bad. Curse my puny Premier Silver and it being only 15 months since I got my EVO 4G. Drat! If there was some way to get it for $250, I'd be on it like Charlie Sheen gets on a bad idea.
  • Call Sprint and ask nicely for a early upgrade reset. I got my EVO 4G and launch and am still getting a full discount on the Galaxy S II.
  • ...thats right.Say the right thing and your wish may be granted.
  • I would love to get one, if only I could trust Sprint to fix their god damn network. I know there aren't huge differences in the devices, but enough that I'd prefer this SGS2 over the others.
  • Does anybody wanna buy my Photon?
  • Man! What`s wrong with the Photon? It`s fast phone and it has full par all the time! I wouldn`t dump the Photon for the SGS2, and get my self new phone not much different.
  • The benefit of the Photon is that it's a global phone. You will not be able to use Sprint's GSII overseas unless it's a CDMA country, of which there are very few.
  • I want one... Im just sitting here staring at it on sale I already used my discount, but my wife has one available. I dont think she would mind... maybe...
  • Just ask yourself if you want it badly enough to sleep on the couch for a week. ...who am I kidding? Of course you do!
  • Awesome!!! lol
  • Just remember you have to wait 30 days to swap phones. That's not too bad right?
  • Just FYI, not 30 days any longer, as of today, 14 day 'trial' period to swap a phone!
  • ...LOL...u better confirm that.Dont want you in the DOGHOUSE.
  • In the article it says this is the first of the Galaxy S II devices to hit North America. That's not true, the Galaxy S II has been available on the Bell network here in Canada for at least two months now.
  • Canada doesnt count. Its Americas hat lol jk jk. But you are correct sir
  • Canada is real?! I thought that was just a funny made up place in movies!!
  • God bless good credit and being reserved for times like this, I got no spending limit on my Sprint Account! Woooooo!
  • I shall have ye later today!!
  • Gonna wait for official specs and release date on the iPhone 5 before jumping on this one. Even after the iPhone 5, I might wait a little bit longer to get more info on the Nexus Prime. Aah yes, I love to play the waiting game.
  • ...PATIENCE is a VIRTUE.
  • Specs schmecs, I too want to see what the iPhone 5 brings but the fact of the matter is the Samsung is a 4g phone and the iPhone 5 will not be, I find myself also leaning toward the Samsung or the Nexus Prime.
  • That is EXACTLY what I'm doing too. The designers at my work are going to all get the iphone 5 the second it poops out of Apple's glossy white butt. I need to have the latest and greatest Android device to shield me from the ritualistic flaunting and parading of "magical" new Apple devices that immediately follows after an iphone release at the office.
  • just updgraded. fml.
  • 30 day return policy... Or 16 depending on if they made the change already, Im not sure.
  • No. Sorry. Won't fool me again. Waiting for the nexus 4. Lol. Sprint lte lol. Yea right. White rabbits.
  • Jealous of all who own this beast
  • Having gotten the Evo 4g Day one, (6/1/10) Along with the recent news Sprint is dropping its upgrade pricing down to 20 months from 22. That has me upgrading on 2/1/12 probably getting the faster Nexus Prime with sweet vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich. I can only hope its as sexy as this beast.
  • Ordered...Last time I looked, an Evo3D goes for 549, and isn't even close to this baby. All I need to do is root it and I'm g2g. Looks like 16GB onboard. I was hoping for 32GB, but I have a 32GB card, so 48GB is good. Still keeping my Evo though.
  • I would love to try a new phone, but my area in Michigan still doesn't have any 4g coverage. So I wouldn't be able to benefit from the "faster" network. ugh.
  • So what? The phone even without WiMAX is amazing. 4G isn't everything.
  • I live in Michigan too, and I did enjoy my 4G in Detroit area.
  • Yeah. I would hold onto what you have too. If you don't have WiMax now, you will never get WiMax because Sprint hasn't added any new markets for what seems like forever & are switching to LTE which this phone (& any other WiMax phone) won't be compatible with. So although this is a nice phone, why waste an upgrade on a phone that uses an already obsolete network.
  • Doesn't the Sprint change to LTE depend on LightSquared getting through Congress and the FCC? The Head of Space Command--4 Star general recently testified (like last week) that it still definitely interfered w/GPS. "Gen. Shelton, Air Force Space Command, said that the proposed broadband wireless service would degrade or render useless billions of dollars of equipment essential to military operations." Other DOD officials just testified to this yesterday, 9/15. Furthermore, the General testified, " “And to our knowledge thus far, there are no mitigation options that would be effective in eliminating interference to essential GPS services in the United States.” Also, the Air Line Pilots Association has come out against LightSquared due to the current problems w/GPS.
  • Anyone know when the AT&T version of the SGS2 is coming out? I’ve heard it’s the 18th, but my brother talked to an AT&T rep. yesterday and they said they had a list of all the phones coming out on the 18th and that the SGS2 wasn’t on the list. I’ve been told it’s suppose to come out on October 1st, anyone know if that’s true?
  • First Epic was an absolute train wreck, no more Samsung for me.
  • I'm pretty much not interested in WiMax devices anymore. Sprint doesn't seem to be going anywhere with it, so I'll pass.
  • i'll wait for the EVO HD.
  • Nice to see phones are getting cheaper! My Nexus S used to be $530 when I bought it day one.
  • If it had a physical keyboard and was a world phone, I'd be all over it. Impressive device nonetheless. Waiting to see if Sprint gets the Nexus Prime.
  • ...this is the phone for me until something with SUPER AMOLED HD comes out.Then ill sweet talk SPRINT into another early upgrade.Im a sucker for BIG,BEAUTIFUL SCREENS.
  • i need a CASE. OTTERBOX.
  • I want this over my 3VO!
  • Nice phone. I'll likely get it. However, since my Sprint contract is expired, I'm going to wait just a few more weeks to see what comes out on the carriers, including getting a glimpse at what Crapple's next offering looks like. A few weeks won't kill me, though it will be mighty painful.
  • Finally seemed like forever!! Nothing can ruin this day....unless they announce the Nexus Prime lol.
  • I switched from T-Mo to Sprint on wife's gold premier account last July and got the Evo. Somehow, someway, I'm due for an upgrade as of August. We both didn't think that was right but I just went on to check and I can get the new Epic for $199! Woot! I'm just not sure if I want this phone or wait to see what else is coming towards the end of the year.
  • Received my device a bit early. Won't go into details how/where I got the device a day early. I've had more phones than a drug dealer in the last few years (Hero, Moment, EVO, EVO 3D). I have to say, so far this has been my favorite! Here are some of my thoughts: - Build quality is great! A different build category than HTC, Samsung has obviously chosen the light device path. It's crazy how light this device feels! HTC devices feel more heavy (Glass/metals). This can be a pro or a con depending on your preference. - After playing with Touchwiz (sp?) for a few minutes I was not impressed. A quick download of LauncherPro has improved the software 1000% IMHO. - Camera is very sharp, quick. Much so over the EVO 3D camera. - Screen is beautiful! I won't be putting a protector on the screen (Gorilla Glass), but I will buy an Otterbox Commuter case as soon as it's available. I need drop protection for corners, etc. Great device, not missing my EVO 3D in the slightest. Thanks Samsung and Sprint!
  • I really want this phone, but after seeing the announcement of the Galaxy Note I'm on the fence now. Had Samsung never mentioned the Galaxy Note I would have no hesitation. I like the look and features of the G-Note so I'm waffling on whether I should spend $500 for this phone.
  • Just picked mine up about an hour ago from Sprint! Paid outright just to get rid of my 3D! So far, definitely better than the 3D. Will post a review comparing this to my EVO 3D, EVO 4G, and my wife's Nexus S 4G. For those wondering about a leather holster, the Verizon Droid X official holster fits it perfect. Been using this case since last November with both my 4G and 3D. So far, highly impressed with the Epic!
  • Let me start out by saying that this phone is damn good! Here is my E4GT story.
    I got to Best Buy at 9AM(open time), and not one other customer was in the store. After about 15 minutes, someone showed up in the mobile department. I asked for the Epic 4G Touch. The guy looked at me like I spoke a foreign language! I told him I had called Thursday evening, and the other guy told me they had 6 or 8 in stock. He looked in the computer and said, "Nope, we don't have any, but the south store does." I looked at the computer, and he was looking at the original Epic 4G. He didn't give up, though and kept looking. He asked some other employees if they had heard of the phone. No Luck. He looked in the cabinets behind the desk, and he didn't see it. He went to go ask some head honcho, then went back into a cabinet where he had just looked. There they were in all of their S-AMOLED+ goodness!! The moral of the story is Best Buy may actually have the phones, it may not be in their inventory system, and the employee may have never heard of the phone. Don't give up!
  • Does anyone know if there is a case for this phone similiar to Iphone's Bumper Case? Keeping the slim form factor as much as possible is important to me.
  • Not sure about that, but there is a kickstand case on the Sprint site and in the store.
  • Funny, it took years for phones to slim down and now the trend is reversing. Welcome back big phones and 70's style haircuts.
  • I really want this!! Kinda bummed about the no keyboard thing tho :/