Samsung finally (and officially) announces the dual-screen Continuum; Coming to Verizon on Nov. 11

Samsung has officially announced the Continuum -- Android's first dual-screen phone that's coming to Verizon this month. We brought you the first hands-on and video preview of the Continuum, and now it's finally headed headed to the public on Nov. 11. Specs remain as previously reported:

  • Android 2.1.
  • A main 3.4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen (at 480x800 pixels)
  • A secondary 1.8-inch touchscreen at 96 pixels high. That's the "Ticker," and it's used to display a variety of info -- weather, news, scores, calling info, music controls -- you name it.
  • 1GHz Hummingbird processor
  • 512MB ROM/384MB RAM
  • Wifi
  • Bing

Pricing hasn't been mentioned, but we've previously reported $199 after contract and rebate. (Update: That's now confirmed) We're going to get some more quality time with the Continuum tonight at Samsung's official event in New York City. Stay tuned for live coverage starting around 6 p.m. EDT. [via Twitter] More discussion in our Samsung Continuum Forums

Update: Find full specs here.

Phil Nickinson