Samsung Fascinate, Xperia X10 in white at Best Buy Mobile, preorder today!

If there's one thing we love to do, it's parade white phones around our iPhone 4-wielding friends (who are still waiting for their white whale). And we've got an couple of new white Android devices coming to Best Buy Mobile.

First up is the Verizon Samsung Fascinate -- with its new white paint job. We're told will go for $150 on contract. Then there's the AT&T Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, also in white, which will go for $100 after contract. The Dell Streak will run you $300 on contract. (For you folks looking out for the new Windows Phone 7 devices, the AT&T HTC Surround will go for $200.)

As you can see in the picture, the availability dates are Oct. 24 for the white Fascinate, X10 and Streak, and Nov. 8 for the Surround (which is AT&T said it would be available). You can preorder today for $50.

  • Is it me or is the white Fascinate just a black one with a white battery cover? If so, any idea where we can get the white battery cover? Or any other colors?
  • Looks to me to be the exact same phone with an eBay'd white back cover from China. Just IMO though.
  • The Fascinate's body colour is essentially just the battery cover, so pointless
  • What i want to know bestbuy, is where is the htc evo hdmi dock that has been coming soon for like the last 6 months
  • What I want to know bestbuy, is what the free Android phones will be this Friday... :D lol *holding out for a Captivate*
  • And how about that AWOL white EVO too bestbuy
  • Junk with a white battery cover
  • The fascinate looks like it has a white bezel as well. Personally I think it would look good with a white battery cover with the black bezel. I used to have the HTC touch that came in white and I got a black back batter cover. It actually looked better than I thought it would. This would be the same just reversed. I would love a choice of batter covers, but the white bezel I think I will pass on.
  • Well, as it is, no one's even looking at the white X10. And rightly so. See this, SE? You did this. and yes, go ahead.... Make. Believe. Soon enough, this is all you can do.