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RoboGeek robotic vacuum cleaners are discounted as low as $127 via Amazon

Making sure your home is clean each day is a job in itself, and who wants to continue working after coming home from an 8-hour shift? Luckily, the Dser RoboGeek 21T Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner (opens in new tab) is designed to make cleaning your floors nearly effortless, and today it's on sale for only $143.59 via Amazon! Simply clip the coupon on its product page and then use promo code 7VJVJ2GI to get in on today's low price.

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Dser's RoboGeek 21T Smart Robot Vacuum lets you use your phone to control it, or just your voice and an Alexa device. Clip its on-page coupon to score one of its best prices yet.

The RoboGeek 21T is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner which you'll be able to control from literally anywhere in the world. All you'll need is the app on your phone or tablet to schedule a cleaning, start one manually, and more. With the vacuum's BoostGen technology, it automatically increases its suction power as necessary up to 1600Pa. There are also advanced features such as anti-drop technology with infrared sensors.

One of the coolest features of this robotic vacuum is that you'll never have to worry about charging it up yourself. It's capable of cleaning for up to 100 minutes at a time. Once its battery level goes below 20%, this vacuum returns itself to its charging base so it can power up and be ready for the next cleaning session with no needed help. You'll just need to remember to empty out its dustbin every so often. Two magnetic boundary strips are included with its purchase so you can keep it out of specific rooms or areas as well.

If you don't care so much about this robotic vacuum cleaner's smart functionality and the ability to control it with your phone, you can save a bit further by picking Dser's RoboGeek 20T Robot Vacuum (opens in new tab) instead. It drops to just $126.59 at Amazon when you clip its on-page coupon and use code JY2DJFOG during checkout. This model comes with a remote control to help you schedule its next cleaning and more.

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