Because the G1 is so new, the market for cases for the G1 is only beginning to be realized. With all the unique aspects of the G1, making a case that works with the G1 can be a complicated process: the chin, the sliding mechanism, etc are all factors that have to be considered. Luckily, experienced companies like Seidio have stepped to the plate to offer a case solution for our T-Mobile G1 that works surprisingly well.

We’ll start our in-depth look at all the available cases for the T-Mobile G1 with a review of the Seidio Innocase Surface Case ($29.95) for the T-Mobile G1. How does this streamlined case work? How is the design? Does it offer adequate protection?

Read on for the rest of the review!


The appeal of the Seidio Innocase Surface Case is its streamline design. In fact, when the case is applied—you can barely tell it’s there. According to Seidio, the Innocase Surface Case adds only 1mm of thickness. Quite simply, it offers great protection while adding only minimal bulk.

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In order to accommodate for the T-Mobile G1’s moving parts, the case comes in two parts. The larger portion protects the body of the G1 including all of the back, the bottom of the phone, and the sides. It leaves cutouts open for the camera, speaker, and all of the controls. The top part of the Innocase Surface Case protects the rim and edges of the screen.

The only portion that remains uncovered is the front face of the chin—everything else is well protected by the Seidio Innocase Surface Case.



The Innocase Surface Case is very easy to put on. Everything is pretty much self-explanatory, you snap the G1 in where it can fit and voila—instant protection. Removing the case is just as easy—snap off and you’re back to normal. Seidio did a really good job in making these cases easy to apply and remove.

What I really liked about the case was the rubberized material it was made from. This offered immensely better grip of the T-Mobile G1 thus making the G1 less prone to slipping out of my hands. I think the added grip offers a lot more security than the sleeker surface of the G1. Also, I found the case to be extremely durable and easily capable of withstanding daily use. I no longer feared the scratches that come from being jangled with keys, change, and the like.

Another great touch to the Innocase is that the case is lined with felt—this creates a pillow-like cushion between the phone and case and helps prevent minor abrasions.

I only have one minor quibble with the Seidio Innocase Surface Case—it’s a little bit more difficult to remove the “charging cap” on the G1 because the cap becomes a bit recessed when the case is applied. It’s definitely not a deal breaker, just mildly annoying.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the Seidio Innocase Surface Case is a solid effort from the folks at Seidio. They really took the time and effort to thoughtfully form a great case that is both highly usable and unobtrusive. When you have the Innocase Surface Case on your T-Mobile G1, you can hardly notice it—it doesn’t detract from the overall look at all. But when you go about using your G1 you’ll grow to appreciate the added depth of field and texture on the case, the material is just great. I am a huge fan of this case and can give it my full recommendation for any G1 user looking for a potential case.



  • Streamline Design Adds Minimal Bulk
  • Great Texture That Offers Better Grip
  • Easy To Snap On/Off


  • Doesn't offer screen or chin protection

Final Rating: 4.5/5