Ever since I got my Motorola Droid the decision of whether or not to keep it in a case was one that I swayed back and forth on. Having tried several cases, none of them ever met all the needs and wants I had for a case, so most of them ended up getting removed to sit in a drawer in my room. Once I saw the Mobi Products Protector Case I was intrigued by the various different designs, and it looked as though it would protect the device well without adding any additional bulk. Curiousity got the best of me on this accessory again, so I gave it a go, so join me after the break to take a look at some more information as well as some pictures of the case in action.

When looking for a case there was a few basic needs that it had to fit in order to even qualify for purchase, and those were stlye, protection, size and durability. When looking for a case many people want something that is of their own style, but also can be used in a professional environment since many of us use our devices for work as well as fun. One of the first things I noticed was that there was several designs for this case, one that nearly could fit anyone's preference, which is great because often times cases are only available in black or a certain pattern, and that is not practical for everyone. It was hard to decide which of the designs to go with on the case, but personally I tend to run dark themes and wallpapers on my device so for me the dark design was the best matching.

DroidCase2            DroidCase2

In addition to the style of the case, the amount of bulk that the case would add to the device was very important. With the slide out keyboard of the Motorola Droid, the device itself is thick enough, and adding more bulk to it makes it too think and clunky for my liking. After putting the case on immediately I noticed that it keeps a nice slim profile to the device, while still covering nearly all of the exterior. The case has a cut out for the volume rocker, camera button and charging port, as well as the power button and headphone jack. One issue that I have had with cases with these cut outs is that the area around them tends to fail to stay secure on the device, but this case remains secure and tight to the device. One of the things I was afraid of was the durability of the design,and if it was going to chip or peel off easily. To my surprise the coating was very strong, and there has yet to be an issue with any type of peeling or chipping from the design of this case. The build quality felt very sturdy, removing the case was a bit of a task but in my opinion that is a good thing since that means it won't just fall off in the middle of use.


While the case was overall a very worthy investment, there was one thing about it that I did not enjoy. The case contained 2 pieces, one for the back and one for the screen, and the one for the screen was not fully wrapped in the design. The inner edges of the case were still white, which while it provided a great contrast to the screen, it still looked out of place. Aside from this minor dislike the case was overall definitely worth every penny of the $12.95 spent when purchased from the Android Central Store. If you are in the market for a new case, or want something to make your device truly unique be sure to check this case out, and find the design that matches your style best.


Contest - Up for grabs we have the featured case from above. If you are still rocking the original Droid we want to show you some love and help protect that loved device. Simply leave a comment in this forum post and one random winner will be selected. Contest ends at Midnight PST.