Recharge your batteries with the Panasonic Eneloop power pack on sale for $37

Panasonic Batteries
Panasonic Batteries

Even in a world of USB ports and wireless charging pads, you can't escape the necessity that is batteries. Even if you don't use them as much, you definitely use them. TV remotes, game controllers, and kids' toys all have batteries. Instead of wasting dozens of dollars on batteries you can't reuse, grab a Panasonic Eneloop Power Pack with some rechargeable batteries. Right now on Amazon you can get the Panasonic Eneloop Power Pack with eight AA batteries and four AAA batteries on sale for $37.30 total. This quick charger bundle normally sells for $50, and it hasn't gone on sale this low since 2019. You can get the same pack with four extra AAA batteries for about $10 more if you need more of the smaller batteries since the original bundle only includes four.

This is a 3-hour quick charger that can charge batteries individually or all at once. This bundle includes eight AA batteries and four AAA batteries and can charge both sizes. You'll get up to 2100 recharges. And the batteries can hold their charges.

This is an extremely versatile power pack. The Eneloop quick charge can get your batteries back up to full in less than three hours. It works with both AA and AAA batteries, which is why it actually comes with both. You can charge up to four batteries at once, but you can also charge the batteries individually so you don't have to have four batteries to charge when you only need a couple.

All of these batteries can be recharged up to 2,100 times. That's so many times you'll lose count for sure before they even start to lose juice. Plus, these batteries can hold up to 70% of their charge for up to 10 years even when they aren't being used.

The charger is also smart enough to know when your batteries have reached their full charge. It will shut down automatically when that happens, so you don't have to worry about the batteries getting over-charged or over-heating or anything like that.

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