This re-imagined smart Rubix Cube teaches you to play at a 20% discount

The new GoCube transforms the classic Rubik's Cube puzzle into a smarter, app-connected toy that can teach you how to solve it and then offer completely new challenges. It even allows you to compete with friends and race against strangers from around the world. This re-imagined Rubik's Cube debuted on Amazon a few months ago at its regular price of $99.95, but today you can score one of its first discounts ever when you clip the $20 coupon on its product page. That brings its price down to $79.95 while supplies last.

GoCube is a re-imagined and redesigned Rubix Cube that's smarter and teaches you how to solve the classic puzzle, while giving you more combinations to solve and the ability to compete with friends or strangers online. Use the on-page coupon to save.

The GoCube is designed for ages eight and up, but it's just as fun for adults as it is for kids. It can even teach those who've never solved a Rubik's Cube how to do it using a 1-hour Academy tutorial. Those who already know the secrets of the cube will be able to level up their own abilities, review stats and progress, and complete fun challenges that add a new level of playability. There are even several mini-games you can play with it that are great for younger children.

One of the best features of the GoCube is its ability to let you battle online in real time against your friends and other GoCubers from around the world. There's also a global leaderboard. The GoCube has built-in orientation sensors, wireless connectivity, and a rechargeable battery that will keep you playing for over 60 hours before it needs to be powered up again.

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Alex Smith
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