This RAVPower battery charger includes a portable AC outlet and is on sale for $60

Ravpower Outlet Usb C
Ravpower Outlet Usb C (Image credit: Amazon)

The RAVPower 20100mAh universal power bank with AC outlet is only $59.99 through B&H's DealZone, a list of daily deals that expire every night. Grab it while you can because this marks the lowest price we've ever seen, including deals in the past that only ever dropped it as low as $70. The power bank regularly sells for $80 or more most of the time.

Has a 20100mAh battery capacity. Includes one USB-C port and one USB-A port in addition to the AC outlet. Supports a max of 70W, which is good enough for laptops and other large devices. Comes with one-year warranty.

If you've ever bought a portable charger before, this is basically the same as any one of those except it also adds an AC Outlet to the mix right on the top. That greatly expands what you can charge beyond just basic mobile devices and other USB gadgets. Keep your drone's battery charger working while you're out in the field or charge small appliances while camping. Power a printer when you need it or keep a fan blowing when it's too hot to do otherwise.

With a 20100mAh battery, you've got enough juice to power any smartphone or even 13-inch MacBook Pro or Surface Pro. The AC outlet can be powered independently, too, so you don't have to have it on at all times. It has a maximum output of 70W, which means it's powerful enough to support most devices pretty well. The integrated air vents are resistant to dust while keeping your device safe.

In addition to the AC outlet, you'll also find a 3A/5V USB-C port and a 2.4A/5V USB-A port. If you are using the USB-C port to charge your laptop, you can still use the USB-A port to charge something else. The USB-A port has iSmart technology so it can detect what's being plugged in and deliver the best possible charge, while also charging simultaneously with whatever is plugged into the USB-C side.

The RAVPower power bank comes with a one-year warranty.

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