Qualcomm reportedly planning to use Samsung's fab to manufacture the Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm previously teased the Snapdragon 820 back at Mobile World Congress 2015. The manufacturer switch to Samsung was revealed by personnel familiar with Qualcomm company plans. As reported by Re/code:

"The Snapdragon 820 is the next generation of Qualcomm's top-end chip family, designed for the 2016 flagship models from the leading phone makers. Qualcomm is hoping that the move to use Samsung's factories will help it win back business for the next Galaxy S flagship, the sources said."

The company has relied on Taiwan-based TSMC to produce the majority of Qualcomm chips, but it's believed TSMC will be used as a backup to handle extra capacity required to meet demand. Qualcomm isn't the only major partner for Samsung looking to utilize its advanced chip-making facilities. Apple is also reported to be using Samsung's assets to produce the A9 chip for the next wave of hardware.

Source: Re/code

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  • Handset Redesign with almost 30 million pre-sales. Now Qualcomm has to pay Samsung to use their chips? Can't we all just get along? Rooted LG G2 Rooted GSIII
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  • Yeah they "hate" each other as much as Boehner and Obama. It's all for show.
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  • This is actually a wonderful cost savings move for the customer. Should mean less expensive processors in the future, as Qualcomm didn't have to build an entirely new Fab. This is the kind of collaboration I'd like to see more of. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nothing will pass on to consumer even if it's saving any cost. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Somehow, people forget the second half of Moore's law. Not only are semiconductors faster, they are cheaper. Sure nanotechnology is lsightly raising costs, collaborations like this are the only way to keep them from rising.
  • Cheaper per transistor, not cheaper per part.
  • Judging by pricing between ipod/iPad and iphone/lte iPad the major dollars are in the licencing of cell connection tech unfortunately.
  • Qualcomm does not make its chips, as the article says TMSC make most of current snapdragon SoCs. They are just shifting from TMSC to Samsung as the preferred supplier.
  • TMSC is building a new 16NM Fab, and asked Qualcomm to share costs. Qualcomm chose Samsung and their 14NM facility instead.
  • How Bout A Nexus (Like my previous comment) with this in it, 4 Big Companys Collaborate w/ the 820 CPU from SD And Sammy in it LGs Camera setup, and input, (production) so we have Revorable Back or at least a sdcard slot + Waterproof it if No Removable Back+ Googles' Os Bare Naked, First time all 4 to do something together, isn't it. I mean I heard that the Nexus would opt for 815 or 820, Just a nice thought.(Be the first Nexus Device that all CARRiers would have to accept to use) Right, (Be a Big seller, huh )Like someone said SuperNexus 5®, oh, lol Reaching too high? But Next years Phones if they get the 820 Right and working W/all other aspects of the phones they 're in, Damn! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Qualcomm never fabricated their chips, it was TSMC, TSMC has lagged behind Samsung and Intel in the fabrication process. Qualcomm will use whoever can keep their chips relevant. The S6 CDMA version still uses Qualcomm's modems. Posted via the Android Central App
  • In reference to yesterdays article, I think we see what Samsung had to trade for "Qualcomm 4G"
  • What Qualcomm had to trade for "Qualcomm 4G" *fixed*
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  • this also means of LG and Google colaberate And mold the Nexus device With SD+Sammys 820 in , that would be the best of everything LG ,also has a really good camera setup (or it looks like it on the Lgg4) if google uses it cam then at least 20.7 mp with ois and Lgs LAzor shot setup, 3220 or 3500mAh, 5.5 inch screen, .5mm besel,Wow. Android bare ass os, yes please, that would be the smartphone that could sell for $700 and everyone who could afford it, and couldn't ,Will Shell out the dough, but Thats a dream probably, but I'm saving this to Screenshot anyway so January of early next year when the News of the Nexus comes, maybe, hopefully I Won't be to far off. Just a thought.... Posted via the Android Central App
  • THIS!!!!! Come on super nexus 5 (2015-2016)!!!!
  • Well this is good news from a technical aspect. Samsung is more than a handset manufacturer, and they do excel at what they do. Their parts are everywhere. I'd be more comfortable with a Samsung manufactured 820 than the current 810.
  • I wish the 820 was available for 2015 flagships! Hopefully this deal will be good for Qualcomm, and help the company repair its reputation with crazy Samsung fans and others who have heating concerns. Posted via AC App on HTC One
  • Maybe this will bail QC out of the disaster that is the 810. That processor is the Windows Vista of hardware. I had an M9 and sold it 24 hrs later. Could fry an egg on it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • That's basically my gs5 after the lollipop "update" Posted via the Android Central App
  • So what happens if this move doesn't secure the deal that qualcomm is hoping?
    You paid a company that refuses to use your chips a ton of money to make your chips to sell to other OEMs.
    Say Samsung sells 100 million devices in a year that normally would have had qualcomm chips in them and qualcomm was making $35 per device sold that's $3.5 billion out the door.
    OK so maybe I like math too much with hypothetical numbers but at the end of the day the exynos chip is the competition and if it's good why would Samsung use the Snapdragon?
  • It's all about how much more money samsung stands to make by using the 820 in the Note 5/S7. Samsung making the 820 is gonna make them billions. qualcomm will most likely throw even more money at them on top of that to to have a % of the S7/note 5 feature the 820. Samsung has the upper hand in these deals with Qualcomm and Apple because of their manufacturing capacity and being the only ones currently able to build mobile SoC's on a 14 nm process. Posted via the Android Central App
  • yep,its just good Buisness, and good to see some collaboration Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just think Samsung seems to be ruling over the smartphone market in its entirety now. It makes parts for just about every smartphone out there. Even if they didn't sell record numbers of the S6, they still made bank from all the parts they sold for the competing phones.
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