Qualcomm logo during CES 2018
Qualcomm logo during CES 2018 (Image credit: Android Central)

Qualcomm is a mobile technology and processor manufacturer best known in the Android world for its vast lineup of "Snapdragon" system-on-a-chip components used primarily in smartphones and tablets. Snapdragon processors have gained popularity for having a wide range of different prices and power levels for devices of all price points, while in any case being extremely efficient with mobile data traffic because of Qualcomm's involvement in the development of 3G and 4G standards.

Though processor production may be its bread and butter as smartphone adoption has taken off, Qualcomm is also known for pushing technologies in various other areas. Qualcomm has been one of the leading developers of 3G and 4G networks since their first emerging popularity, partnering tightly with carriers around the world and holding various important patents on 3G and 4G networking. Patent licensing to other companies for mobile device processors remains a large portion of Qualcomm's business.

It has also developed a lesser-known display technology called Mirasol, which bridges the gap between efficient but black and white e-ink displays and colorful but power-hungry LCD and AMOLED displays. Mirasol has primarily lived as a technology demonstration, but in late 2013 Qualcomm also released its Toq smartwatch as an example of the display tech in real-world use.

Qualcomm has been a player in the mobile space in one way or another since the early days, and with its continued development of mobile-focused technology it is sure to be at the front of everyone's minds going forward.

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