PUBG Mobile may soon make a comeback in India as 'Battlegrounds Mobile'

Pubg Battlegrounds Mobile India Teaser
Pubg Battlegrounds Mobile India Teaser (Image credit: PUBG Mobile India on Facebook)

What you need to know

  • PUBG Mobile could be relaunched in India as Battlegrounds Mobile.
  • PUBG Mobile India's official Facebook page has been renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India.
  • The popular mobile game was banned in the country in September last year, along with 117 other apps of Chinese origin.

PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India in September last year, could soon relaunch in the country with a different name. PUBG Mobile India has renamed its official Facebook page to Battlegrounds Mobile India and posted a new banner photo with the same name. Although PUBG Mobile hasn't issued an official confirmation yet, the new evidence seemingly confirms the Indian version of the game will indeed be called Battlegrounds Mobile.

PUBG Mobile India had reportedly also posted a short teaser for the game on its YouTube channel last month, but it was quickly pulled down. While the banner photo suggests Battlegrounds Mobile will "soon" be available, there's no word yet on exactly when the game will be released.

As announced in November last year, PUBG Corporation will be investing $100 million in India and hire 100 employees for its Indian subsidiary. It also plans to host India-exclusive esports events with the "largest prize pools."

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned by the Indian government as they allegedly transmitted user data to "elements hostile to the country's national security." Before the ban, the game was published in the country by China's Tencent Games. Soon after the ban, however, PUBG Corporation cut all ties with the company. Battlegrounds Mobile will be published in India by PUBG parent Krafton to lure users away from the best Android games. Despite a new name, the Battlegrounds Mobile is expected to have similar gameplay mechanics as PUBG Mobile.

Babu Mohan
News Writer