Pre-orders for the Galaxy S9 on Sprint are already shipping

Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

On March 2, Samsung officially launched pre-orders for its Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagships. Most major carriers and retailers around the globe are offering some sort of promotion to entice you to spend your dollars with them as opposed to a competitor, and if you happened to pre-order your Galaxy S9 through Sprint, it looks like you may get your new phone before anyone else.

In the Android Central forums, a number of Sprint customers are reporting that their Galaxy S9s have already shipped and have delivery dates as early as March 9.

It say my order had shipped 😎


I just received an email saying my order has shipped. UPS site says expected delivery is the 9th.

isac c

Got the e-mail. Got the UPS Tracking number. Got the text alert from UPS. Arriving tomorrow. Way to go Sprint!!!!!! Mav. :cool:

VW Maverick

While there's no denying that this is exciting news, these early delivery dates don't appear to be the case for everyone who pre-ordered with Sprint. There are still a lot of customers reporting delivery dates of March 12, 13, and 14, but if you placed your order earlier enough and depending on where you live, there's a chance you'll be rocking a Galaxy S9 before the week is over.

If you pre-ordered the Galaxy S9 on Sprint, has your phone shipped yet?

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  • Yep. Thanks for the mention above.
    Looks to be arriving tomorrow.
  • I'll believe it when the units actually arrive. But this is promising.
  • You'd believe Verizon right? Lol
  • No, not really. But I'd be more likely to believe then than Sprint :-). Just seems that these launches are always somehow screwed up when carriers charge as you buy the phone, and then get the shipping labels. UPS themselves don't know what's going on with these half the time. My experience with this has been with T-Mo and Verizon.
  • Pre-ordered thru carrier's always come a little early!
  • Got my tracking information for my 9+ a few hours ago.
  • I received notice label created for 2nd Day Air - hopefully Monday
  • That's the same tracking info I have. No delivery date yet, but I haven't always had good luck tracking USPS deliveries. Sprint usually ships overnight so it could be delivered as soon as today but I won't really expect it until maybe Monday
  • Anyone's ship that ordered unlocked from Samsung direct?
  • I ordered mine on the 2nd and still no word. From samsung the s9
  • UPS sent me an email saying that my s9 would be delivered 3/9... This morning I get another email from them saying sorry, the package can't be delivered as scheduled and theyll send me another email with an updated information
  • Pre ordered mine with tmobile on the 2nd and I just got a notification today that my credit card was charged. Hopefully this means it will be shipped soon
  • I received an email yesterday saying it shipped. Just checked ups tracking and it says a label was created. No tracking as of yet but hoping it does come earlier than planned.
  • I got the update from UPS as well, with an estimated delivery of today, but the progress only shows a shipping label has been created. I checked my order on sprint, and the chat person told me that while it says "shipped", samsung prohibits any deliveries prior to March 12th.