Pixel 6 could get faster wireless charging than iPhone 12, Galaxy S21

Google Pixel 5 Wireless Charger
Google Pixel 5 Wireless Charger (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Android Police reports that retailers are being given Pixel 6 accessories, including a "23W Google Pixel 23W WL Stand."
  • Most recent flagship phones only support 15W wireless charging, though OnePlus Warp Charging does hit 50W.
  • The Pixel Stand could have built-in fans to keep the phone cool, plus different charging modes like "Auto," "Quiet," and "Power Boost."

Back in June, we heard rumors of a Pixel Stand accessory, which will have built-in cooling fans to keep your Pixel's temperature low while supporting faster wireless charging. Reportedly, the fans will automatically go silent if you use Google Assistant or the Recorder app, and you can choose how fast your phone charges in exchange for higher or lower fan noise.

Today, an Android Police retail source provided evidence that the Pixel Stand exists, and is being shipped out to various stores already in preparation for the launch of the Google Pixel 6.

According to the source, this new Pixel Stand will hit 23W. The currently available Stand only supports up to 10W of charging, while the Pixel 5 technically ran up to 15W. If this report is accurate, the Pixel 6 could support wireless charging up to 23W — or potentially even higher. Most of the best Android phones today max out at 10W or 15W, making this a pretty neat perk to the upcoming phone.

The Google Pixel Stand available now has an Ambient Mode where your Pixel essentially becomes a smart display for Google Assistant. It lets you see slideshows of your favorite photos, quickly use Google Assistant for commands and shortcuts, or see your Nest Cam feed. While we're a fan of the older model, it did cost $79, making it rather expensive for a wireless charger.

Given that the new Pixel Stand will add fans and faster charging, this new accessory will likely cost even more. And given that the Pixel 6 supports 33W wired charging — but won't ship with a wired charger — we'll have to see how many Pixel 6 owners decide to invest in both a wired and wireless charger.

Otherwise, this news makes us excited for another reason: if Pixel 6 accessories are arriving in stores, it stands to reason that the phones themselves will soon follow. We can only hope Google officially announces a release date soon — though we don't expect the announcement until mid- to late-September.

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