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The Pixel 2 doesn't support wireless charging, and that's heartbreaking

I've had a good run: since about April, I've been consistently using a phone with wireless charging. It started with the LG G6 in late February, continued with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in April, transitioned somewhat awkwardly to the Moto Z2 Play and Z2 Force with an optional Moto Mod, and went right through to the end of summer with the Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30. Oh, and the iPhone 8 Plus, too.

Sure, there were some blips in between — the HTC U11, the OnePlus 5, the BlackBerry KEYone — but for the most part, the wireless charging pads next to my bed and in my office have been in near-constant use this year.

Wireless charging is still more of a want than a need, but it's so, so convenient.

That's coming to an end with the Pixel 2 series. While the phone is practically overflowing with 2017's best hardware specs, including water resistance, its metal chassis negates the one thing that I've come to take for granted from most flagships today. Wireless charging has insinuated itself into my life in ways I didn't expect; popping a phone onto a charger for a few minutes to top it up before leaving the house is convenient in ways that hunting for a plug never will be. People can criticize Qi charging's finicky nature — you must place the phone just right, or else — but it doesn't take long to find the sweet spot.

Wireless charging hasn't exactly taken off, even with Apple's newfound support of the standard. It's the very definition of a want versus a need, and its benefits aren't clear until it's had sufficient time to call attention to itself. When first placing a phone on a wireless charger, you may ask, 'So what? This ain't all that.' And that first time, it may be true. But do it again and again, and then buy a second charging pad for somewhere else in your house, and it quickly becomes indispensable.

That the Pixel 2 doesn't have wireless charging isn't enough to quell my affection for it, nor dissuade me from buying the larger Pixel 2 XL when it's available in Canada, but it goes a long way to make me consider the Galaxy Note 8 as my daily driver in the long-term. And with companies like Starbucks expanding their support for in-store wireless charging, and Ikea doubling down on home furniture with the feature built in, it'll be interesting to see whether a year from now people actually give a damn.

In the meantime, my Note 8 is propped up on its Convertible, and it's looking pretty damn good right now.

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Darn you Daniel. I was just getting to the point of convincing myself that a lack of wireless charging wasn't a big deal...
  • It isn't. I've had many devices with wireless charging and I find myself plugging them in 98% of the time.
  • My experience has been opposite. I use wireless charging about 80% of the time, plug in about 20% (for when I need a really quick top off). But that is what makes wireless charging so great. Its not wireless vs wired, but the option of both. Kinda of like having bluetooth, USB C, and a headphone jack. Wow, sounds like the best phone of the year, doesn't it?
  • The Pixel 3 will support it now that Apple supports it.
  • I hear you, I have had the Galaxy S7 and now the S8 and neither Wireless charge feature is reliable, even after careful placement on the charger and taking the Mophie case off, noting it was charging when I went to bed, at least once a week I wake up to find that the charging has stopped in the middle of the night and the phone is depleted. I have never had that issue with wired charge. The only reliable wireless charging phone I have had dates back to the palm pre, that one never failed, the rest of the phone had some build issues but the wireless charging wasn't one of them. Yeah, it's a nice to have but it will be low on the list of decision priorities.
  • I don't have any problem with it, and I spend exactly 0 seconds positioning my phone. However, my older pads and stands did not work with my S8+. Once I upgraded them, I've never had a failed charge.
  • If you use a reputable brand of wireless charger , it does great even with the case on. My note 8 charges perfectly with my OtterBox case on. The charger is from Samsung, it was $33 on Amazon. Fast charges too.
  • I've been using a Nokia Wireless charger from my Lumia 920 for 5 years now (on different phones). I've never had a single problem. I even used an iOttie dash mount for about a year, which had wireless charging, and it always worked perfectly.
  • Been using the same thing with blackberry and Iphone no problems
  • Wow! I'd have that charger checked out
  • I don't have any issues charging my Pixel on a wireless dock. You just need the newer docks that use 3 coils. The older docks have one coil and the alignment is critical then. I made a quick video of my Pixel XL with wireless charging.
  • The main annoyance I had was wireless didn't properly trickle charge my phones. They would charge to 100% then fall to 96% or so then charge again, but never fully. On the wire, phones reach 100% but continue to further slowly charge. There was a noticeable drop in battery endurance and I always got a better charge using the port instead of the Qi pad. Maybe things are better now but the novelty is definitely gone for me.
  • It's not novelty. It's great to be able to pick up the phone during a charge cycle and not be tethered
  • Exactly. I couldn't care less about wireless charging. Never a deal breaker.
  • It is. I've had many devices with wireless charging and I find myself not plugging them in 98% of the time.
  • ^this......wireless charging my devices since the palm pre FTW
  • It's not. I had the S8 and didn't want to waste money on convenience. With the battery lasting all day, why bother charging on a wireless port when sleeping at night?
  • Overnight is actually the best use for wireless charging IMO since the faster wired charging isn't necessary. A wireless charger on my nightstand makes it easy to just plop the phone on the stand when the bedroom lights are off like if I get an important call or text in the middle of the night (my do not disturb has some contacts whitelisted). I don't have to look for the wire to connect or disconnect plus my phone on it's angled wireless dock doubles as my nightstand clock. In the event I do use a wire somewhere else I appreciate the wired fast charge capabilities but as someone else stated, it's nice to have both options especially when paying a premium price. Who doesn't like options?
  • Exactly. I purposely want my phone to charge as slowly as possible when i'm sleeping, so the battery isn't constantly discharging and re-charging throughout the night (bad for longevity of the battery).
  • That's not how it works
  • This is exactly why I bought this for my Pixel: And every night I plug it in to my phone and set it on my wireless charger. Nice slow charge to preserve the life of the battery and I can pick it up in the middle of the night and set it back down hassle free.
  • It's not until Android Pay is accessible/functioning everywhere and my license is digital. I have to carry credit cards, license and money and best place for these items is in a silicone case attached to the back of my phone so I can't use wireless charging. My wife loves it but she has a pocketbook.
  • How about a wallet?
  • I'd rather use a fanny pack😁
  • I have used wireless charging on two different phones for about 5 years. I do not find it a necessity, though it is nifty. The last few months I have gotten rid of my wireless charger and just use the wire that came with my phone to charge because it is so much faster.
  • No, it isn't.
  • Yeah to me it isn't but I can understand why it would be for someone like Daniel.
  • Until you buy a phone with no headphone jacks
  • I wouldn't buy a phone that doesn't have this feature! Google is really slacking on this....
  • Not a big deal, I picked up a charging pad on amazon for my pixel xl for less than 10 dollars. Sticks on the back of the device, has a short right angle plug that plugs into the charging port. Thin enough my case fits over the phone (Seidio case) with no issues. I already had wireless chargers left over from other devices that are working fine.
  • 1. It blocks the charging port so you have to plug and unplug it whenever you want to use faster wired charging. 2. The quality of these add on wireless accessories are less than built in wireless and there is many reports of them breaking within weeks. Come back in a couple of months and let me know how that's working for you.
  • I've had a wireless charging receiver on the back of my original Pixel for about 4 months now and it works great. I never used the USB port for anything but charging anyway so that is a non-issue for me. I can see how it would cause problems for people that use the USB port for other things though. I have a Tylt charger that I set my Pixel on every night before bed and it has worked perfectly for me. Once my Pixel 2 comes next week the receiver will come off the Pixel and be added to the Pixel 2. If it stops working, I'll get another one for around the same $10 - $20 I paid for this one. I would prefer that it was a built in feature though. But, I don't like glass backed phones.
  • This was my biggest 'sacrifice' going to the new Pixel. For those times you don't need fast charging like overnight on my nightstand or at my desk at work, wireless charging is amazing. Somewhat of a first world 'problem', sure, but definitely something I'll miss.
  • Until your phone disconnects and stops charging in the night for no reason and you wake up with a nearly dead phone.
  • In all the hundreds of times I've charged my phone wirelessly this has happened to me once. Good thing the wired connection had fast charging as I had a nearly fully charged phone by the time I left for work.
  • I've never had any phone "disconnect" in my 5+ years of wireless charging.
  • Happens to me all the time, I will err on the side of a reliable charge over a nifty feature, I really wanted it to work, propping it up like clock on the nightstand has its appeal, until the charge fails more than a couple of times.
  • MAybe a bad charger?
  • Yeah - my Samsung wireless fast charger is somewhat finicky. If not having the phone set - correctly - on it, it acts funky. I've actually had the phone overheat because it wasn't on there correctly - to the point of doing it's alarm chirp - to notify me that the phones temperature was extremely high. I've only had that happen once, and it was on a wireless charger when it happened. And It Was Hot. That said, I have approx 5 wireless chargers around home and work. One in the pickup, one on the motorcycle - sigh.... One possible downside that I have been watching is - wireless charging seems to add more heat to the phone than regular charging. This is a concern on hot days and traveling either in a vehicle or on a motorcycle. It is one hell of a convenience, not real efficient, but it will be missed. In the past after a couple if years - the phones charging port got extremely sloppy. Wireless charging was a good alternative to always using that singular charging port which inevitably wore out....
  • Not to troll but how does one effectively use wireless charging on a moving motorcycle? Not saying it is impossible just doesn't even seem like a practical thing to do but to each their own I guess. Although I do agree with you, charging ports get 'sloppy' and loose over time so I use wireless at my desk and 40% of the time on the night stand to help extend charging port life as much as possible.
  • By selecting a wireless charger that clamps well - the arms are effectively slanting inward so it can't fall out - and the phone rests on a bottom fixture. If configured correctly it will work. Not the most efficient method - running Maps or Sygic - I have to have the phone just right and the brightness off of 100% - then it will maintain and possibly charge the phone. On hot and bright days I plug it in - leave the mount alone and just unplug the wireless charger and plug it into the phone. I have similar units in both the pickup and motorcycle. Both work - but not at a high draw rate.
  • One of the reasons I went with the V30 instead. I also think the side bezels are hideous on the Pixel 2 XL. The MicroSD on the V30 was just icing on the cake. No regrets! BTW: Last time I had an LG was the G3 and never really liked LG's software but really don't have any complaints with the current version on the V30. Performance and battery life far exceeded any expectations I had when I got this phone. Absolutely outstanding!
  • Wireless charging isn't that big of a deal (to anyone but the 2% of people who actually love it), but It also has a bad screen and no headphone jack. If it was $399 or $499, maybe you could forgive the fact that it's lacking in a few areas. It was easy to give Google a pass when they were offering cut-rate Nexus phones. If they want to charge flagship prices, there shouldn't be all these compromises.
  • Do you have a link that can verify your wireless charging claim?
  • Don't really need one. Until very recently, Samsung flagships were the only phones to support it (so, like 10% of the overall market), and hardly anyone used it. Hard numbers don't exist, because nobody cared enough to study it. It's bad technology, few phones support it, and nobody even cares except a few nerds. All you need to know is right here: It will get a boost now that Apple supports it, but it's still bad tech that nobody should care about.
  • "Until recently, Samsung phones were there only ones to support it" Uhhhhh, no...
  • Oh yeah, and the Palm Pre, and some other phones 3-5 years ago. Did any non-Samsung phones launched in 2015-2016 support wireless charging? LG: No. Huawei: No. HTC: No. Moto: No. OnePlus: No. Xiaomi: No. Did I miss any? Other manufacturers gave it a shot a few years back, but they all abandoned the technology because it's not worth the compromises you have to make to do it. (Adds weight, must use glass or plastic back, plus it's inefficient, adds heat, charges slowly, etc., etc.) Also, I didn't say "Samsung phones," I said Samsung FLAGSHIPS, because even Samsung doesn't support it on 90% of their phone models, which make up the bulk of their sales.
  • No, because there isn't a link to the darkness he's pulling those statistics out of.
  • Go ahead --- if you think there is any significant number of smartphone buyers that care about wireless charging, produce some evidence of that fact. You will find none. If you can find any evidence that more than 2% of consumers are actively using wireless charging, and that wireless charging is a factor when making purchasing decisions, you can tell me to shut up. No such evidence exists. People do not care about wireless charging, nor should they.
  • LOL, that's precisely my point. No such evidence way or the other. One thing we do know for a fact is that the best selling flagship phones of 2017 have that option built in.
  • You've missed my larger point. On the laundry list of things that are wrong with the Pixel -- huge bezels and small battery on the non-XL, low-quality screens on both, no headphone jack, unique but ugly industrial design, etc. -- the lack of wireless charging is barely an asterisk on this list.
  • To you
  • To me, and also to most people who buy phones, because they have never owned a phone with wireless charging, and even those who have probably have not used it. It simply isn't a thing that hardly anyone cares about. It's also bad technology.
  • It is absolutely hilarious how you think you speak for a majority even though you yourself have already acknowledged there is no way of knowing what percentage of people care about it. Oh well, to each their own.
  • “...popping a phone onto a charger for a few minutes to top it up before leaving the house is convenient in ways that hunting for a plug never will be.” How so? It’s not like wireless charging negates the need to locate the charger. And if you’re topping it off before leaving the house, you’re probably better off plugging it in to get more juice in the same amount of time. In my opinion, the inconvenience of not being able to easily use the phone while it’s charging wirelessly coupled with the slower charging speeds make it a tough sell.
  • You nailed it. Also, until Chi becomes nearly flawless, you can never fully know your phone is actually charging unless you are monitoring it constantly. It just disconnects for no reason way too often. I'd rather just plug in a cable and forget about it.
  • I used Qi on the Nexus 5 and a modded GN for years and NEVEr hat that problem with a ~$13 chinese pad. there are really bad charge pads, even from beling and so on, the nokia pads where really nice and so was the cheap chinese one, the phone aligned well with its magnets and gave propper "i am charging" feedback.
  • In other words "Im justifying the pixel not having wireless charging by making baseless claims."
  • Not baseless. I've had phones with wireless charging and they would semi-often disconnect for no reason. I am speaking from personal experience,
  • Pretty much this. I'm a tech geek and things that are shiny and new are always a draw but aisde from the cool factor, wireless charging seems hugely impractical at this stage.
  • Have you ever used it though?
  • Thebobman. You obviously don't use it.
  • There's definitely an added convenience to walking by and setting it down without having to hardly slow down or think about it, or use more than one hand to get it charging. It's really hard to quantify the benefit until you get used to doing it for awhile. Yes, this is absolutely a first world problem (if that), but once you get used to it, it's pretty nice.
  • Spot on. It's slower and you can't use your phone when it's charging.
  • It's convenient AF, and I never use my phone when it's charging. I can, though, easily pick up a ringing phone off of its wireless charger without having to worry about the cord it's NOT attached to.
  • Is plugging a usb-c cable in inconvenient? I get when it was micro usb it was slightly harder to get the cable in, but usb-c clicks straight in. Get a longer cable or pull the cable out when you pick it up for a phone call?!
  • Good thing fast wired charging is not removed and replaced with wireless charging. The key is that phones that have wireless available ALSO have the fast wired charging. It is a great option to have. Better to have it than to not.
  • I do use my phone while it is charging, sort of. The thing is, I have wireless chargers everywhere I spend a lot of time; my kitchen, car, bedroom, TV area, and office. When I sit (or start cooking), I set my phone on the charger instead of on the counter/desk/table/wherever. When I want to use it, I pick it up, and because it is charging all the time it is always almost full. Yes, if I was at 1% and needed to use my phone, this solution is not great. But that never happens because wireless charging is so convenient I'm doing it all the time. Most of my chargers are also stands, so I can watch videos, etc, while it is charging. I'm sitting at my desk right now. My phone is at 98%.
  • It does negate the need actually. It's already plugged in.
  • I’ve had and enjoyed wireless charging, and have it on another phone I have right now. Meanwhile, my Pixel XL doesn’t have it, and my Pixel 2 arriving this Friday doesn’t have it, but I bet the Pixel 3’s will have it, because Apple features it on their phones this year.
  • Wireless charging and lack of headphone jack were 50% the reason I am not buying a Pixel 2. The other 50% is the cost. It's about $150 too expensive. I charged my Nexus 5 while I slept at night. I probably went weeks at a time without plugging it in or worrying about charging it. Just plopped it down on the Tylt before I went to bed. Man, I miss the old Nexus phones and the way Google used to be. With how closely they seem to copy Apple it's almost guaranteed we see wireless charging next year.
  • It wasn't essential... oh wait...
  • Don't want wireless charging personally. If I only have a few minutes, I'd rather get faster charge from a wire. Ever since reversible USB-C the level of effort to plug in a phone is negligible.
  • Guess what? You can do both of those things with a phone that has wireless charging. Feel like just plopping it on a pad? OK! Feel like plugging it in instead to get more juice quickly? Yup, that too! The addition of wireless charging doesn't remove wired. That is what you all seem to miss. Wireless charging is an awesome option to have.
  • Agree, this is what people missing.
    "I like wired" "it is faster on cable connection" bla bla etc
    This is what we call feature, you have choice to make For me, i use wireless charging all the time. But if i'm hurry i just plug in the cable
  • Wireless charging is what finally pushed my wife to upgrade her 3 year old iPhone to the 8. I had a couple of pads around the house already due to trying various android devices from time to time, and that was the one feature she was always jealous of. It seems silly, but it really is convenient once you get used to just plopping it down instead of having to take all the extra effort (sarcasm, but true) to use two hands to plug it in.
  • Exactly. It's a feature that a flagship phone should have at $850.00. Not everyone will use the feature but it's there for when they may want to use it for convenience. The irony is that the Pixel 2 still has a glass back for a portion of the back so you are still at risk of cracking that despite the fact that it's just a design choice (since most manufacturers have figure out how to obtain good RF reception with all metal phones.
  • since most manufacturers have figure out how to obtain good RF reception with all metal phones. Good RG reception with metal phones (which, most high end phones are glass now so that is debatable) is not the same as being able to have wireless charging with an all metal phone. Tiny antenna lines are easy, wireless charging through a metal back is not. Man there are a ton of people here who seem to think Google just arbitrarily did not include wireless charging on the Pixel phones.
  • That's why Samsung and others don't use metal.
  • Yes but my point is that Google made the Pixel with a metal AND glass back. People claim they don't want glass on the back of their phones to accommodate wireless charging because it can crack. The Pixel 2 has a glass back (albeit only the top 1/3) and can still crack and yet no wireless charging. The metal doesn't even look like metal because it's coated in a material.
  • Why wirelessly charge when the battery last all day anyways? Makes more sense for the car but not around the house. Either way I have the s8 and i don't care about wasting 60 bucks on another charger.
  • That was the game changer for me, i HAD to charge my S6 constantly so it was ready to go when I needed it. I can comfortably leave my phone off the charger all day now and not worry about it getting me through a full day of use. That being said, everyone uses their phone differently, a full day of use for me is 4 - 5 hours of SoT, that might not be the case for others.
  • The wireless chargers I use cost $15.
  • No wireless charging is a bit of a pain. Not the end of the world but still a pain. One of the best things about having a phone with Always On Display is simply plonking your phone onto a wireless charging stand on your desk or at your bedside at night so you can see the time and notifications or whatever at a glance. Sure you can still achieve the same thing with a charging dock but they never last. The USB plug sticking up on the charger inevitably breaks in a short while from trying to locate your phone onto it. Plus it doesn't factor in a case on your phone either. So much easier and more possibilities when you have wireless charging on your phone.
  • With quick charge and USB-C the slight convenience of wireless charging isn't worth the trade-off in charge speed.
  • I've always been surprised by the citing of wireless charging as a "must have" feature. I've never used it myself, and I have never seen anyone use it. Considering how "techy" my group of friends and acquaintances is, it makes me wonder about the adoption of wireless charging (which has been around forever!). To be fair, I think I saw a McDonald's with wireless charging pads on their tables once, which I thought was a marvelous idea and an area where I can actually see potential for this technology.
  • Iv had wirelessly charging in my phone's since like 2014. Windows phone had it. My Samsung s8 has it. How do people seriously not have this yet? I couldn't live without it. Especially on the S8 water resistance, if there's water in charging port it won't charge but if it's wet you just set it on the wireless charger. So easy.
  • Another plus I hadn't even thought about. Question to all those who say wireless charging isn't necessary: why not have it as an option? It's not like you're not already paying the premium price. Might as well have the option even if you don't use it. 2 is greater than 1.
  • They already made the metal back feel like plastic. Why not just make it polycarbonate like Lumia 920/1520 and do a wireless charging that way? Polycarbonate would feel 5 times better than 2XL current metal back.
  • Seriously, this desire to make every phone out of metal is getting tiring.
  • Im getting the Pixel2 regardless of the fact it doesn't have wireless charging but no excuse for an expensive flagship device to be lacking wireless charging at this point, its been around for years. I'll miss it, coming from a Lumia 950. I'll also miss texting from Skype on my PC and the headphone jack but I'm more forgiving for that one. The camera better be awesome.
  • but no excuse for an expensive flagship device to be lacking wireless charging at this point, I mean, yes there is. If you have wireless charging you have to have a glass or plastic back. Google does not want their phone to have either, so that is the reason. YOU might disagree with that reason, but don't act like there isn't one.
  • I thought a portion of the Pixel back was glass?
  • The new Huawei Mate 10 now has an all glass back but still never included it. Their reason/excuse is that there just wasn't enough room after the 4000mah battery goes in. The coil is about 1mm thick! Companies will find an excuse not to include extra features no matter what
  • For the price there is no reason they can't use plastic or glass
  • Didn't mean to offend you. You are saying the excuse is that they didn't want their phone to have a plastic or glass back?? What is the benefit to a metal back?
  • I guess that's a choice you have to make when going for a metal casing..
  • Yeah, wireless charging just doesn't matter to me. I GET it, I do. I had it on the S6 and used it every day at work, that being said when I switched to the XL I just didn't miss it at all. ALL of that being said though, I really hope that Apple moving over to wireless charging pushes Google to do the same. I just don't really see a reason NOT to have it (besides having to use glass or plastic JUST USE PLASTIC CHRIST). Thing is if the Pixel 3 doesn't have it it won't be a deal breaker for me, like most I have a list of things that are important to me in a phone and that is low down on the list.
  • Nice balanced post.
  • I don't think Jesus Christ cares if its plastic...
  • I haven't seen decent bedside docks that aren't wireless.... so now its a must have for me
  • When I switched to the Pixel XL, I was concerned about the lack of wireless charging. Honestly, the battery is good enough I don't miss it. And wired charging charges pretty quickly in the few times I find myself needing to add some charge before the day's end. I work a 10 hour work shift and I usually have enough charge left to hit the gym with streaming music thru Bluetooth. If I've used the phone excessively, a quick plug-in while I'm getting ready for the gym gives me enough to finish off the day. I was hoping for 600 spectrum support on the XL2 but it came out too soon. I'm considering skipping the 2 for the XL3, which will most likely support the new spectrum. That and I always seem to have issues with LG phones. With the acquisition of the HTC team, I'm betting the XL3 will not be from LG. The sweet buyback offer from Google is tempting but my fear of LG is winning so far.
  • No headphone jack kills it for me. I'm not about that dongle life. I haven't used wireless charging since my Nexus 5, and it was iffy back then. Maybe its better these days, but plugging in a USB-C cable is the definition of #firstworldproblems. Not being compatible with 90% of headphones out there is the real problem. Going to be a long time till I give up my PIxel XL
  • The only time I used to use wireless charging was when in my car, which happened to have a Qi pad built in. Since Waze has become Android Auto compatible I don't even use it in there. The only reason Bader thinks it's important is because Apple have belatedly jumped on board.
  • Had a Palm pre for one year and I used the wireless charger but found I like using my phone while charging. I would pick up the phone while it's was on the charger and use it. After that I just removed the cord and plugged it into the phone and rarely used the charger. Wireless charging it's no big deal to me but if you gonna pay that much it should be included whether you use it or not.
  • Yea its not a deal breaker but it will play a big part in what phone i get next. I have a g6 right now and the wireless charging is nice to have especially at night.
  • I have only been using wireless charging since Nexus 5. Then Nexus 6. Finally LG G6. Updates and wanting the pure experience has me wanting Pixel, but not sure I can wait for the next one which hopefully includes wireless charging.
    Also FWIW I prefer plastic back over glass for durability.
  • Wireless charging is great when you have different makes of phone. I have a S8+ and when my wife gets her new iPhone we can both use the same pads around the house instead of having different cables all over the place. The worst downside for me is you can't really use the phone while it's charging. You need a different mind set with wireless charging, lots of little charges instead of letting the battery go low and needing a long charge, unless you leave it overnight.
  • Three different wireless charge pads that I used with my Note3 all work with my S8+. RavPower, Itian and Jelly Comb. Bedside, work desk and living room. Love wireless charging.
  • "Wireless charging hasn't exactly taken off"
    Of course it has. The best selling phones in the world, Samsung phones, have had wireless charging for years. Just because you don't use phones from the largest phone company doesn't mean that most of us don't. Why do we have bloggers that don't have a clue blogging on Android Central?
  • For those that use it, good for you. But from my personal experiences, I would say less than 5% of all phone owners use it. I work in an office and even there hardly ever see a wireless charger being used. Wireless charging is a novelty that's usefulness is diminishing, its removal from the Pixel 2 is hardly newsworthy.
  • Most people don't use it in the office because they charge their phones at the end of the day at home.
  • If some of you struggle with wireless charging...I suggest a free Obama phone. Simplify your life.
    I even included a link for you.
  • Everyone uses their device in specific ways, and has their own "hierarchy" of needs/features. Wireless charging is high on the list for some people but not for others. There's no right or wrong answer. For the way I work, it's a necessity. I wanted the Oneplus 5, and lately the Pixel 2 XL, but no wireless charging was the deal-breaker for both. I'll be sticking with my S8+ with it's convenient fast wireless charging for the time being.
  • Haven't been using wireless charing for a long time due to 6P. Family members are still using my Nexus wireless chargers with Nexus 7's and Nexus 5 (that phone is scheduled to be replaced, but the tablets remain). My only concern with Pixel 2's usbc as the only connector is whether it is up to it regarding number of insertions. It has double duty now. I did recently buy a clip style bt device that came with headphones or lets me use any other 3.5mm device, so perhaps the connector will not get abused too bad with the dongle as i get used to using bt more. The usbc on 6P still feels solid, so that's hopeful.
  • It's mandatory, and a complete deal-breaker!
  • A phone in today's world can not be considered a flagship if it does not have wireless charging.
  • Not really, the wireless charging ship has sailed. Nice to have but must have? Hardly.
  • That's why even Apple includes it??
  • Heart breaking???.....Really??? .....That deep for you???
  • Love Qi. Have been using it since my Lumia 920, then Lumia 1020, then my Note 3 and Note 4, and now in my Note 8. Have the original Nokia wireless charging pads in my bedroom and home office and one at my desk at work. Also have a totally wireless charging pad to travel with if necessary. I got so used to just setting my phone down and picking it up topped up. But with battery issues on the Note 4 I also plugged in fairly regularly to juice up my battery before swapping it out. The convenience factor is amazing and I tend to get top dollar when reselling my devices because my ports aren't scuffed to high hell from fumbling to plug in all the time. I have also never had a USB port go bad because I rarely need them. I am also a cord hater and don't need any more cables cluttering up my desk or drawers. If everything could charge wireless, I wonder who would argue against the convenience of it.
  • As much as i loved the Note 8, Pixel and iPhones are the only ones i can use as a daily driver for long term irrespective of what features they are missing. Others I can get along with for few weeks.
  • Oh no another pointless issue we have to worry about in our lives.
  • No Wireless charging heartbreaking? Come on, heartbreaking happens when u loose someone you love. Very over the top comment Daniel.
  • this is supposed to be the best overall android phone.
    No microSD.
    No wireless charging.
    Huge bezels. I'm confused. I'll keep my LG G6.
  • Since when did bezels make a phone good or bad?
  • Well it might just be me but it is not that serious. I'm not to lose any sleep over wireless charging.
  • I've been using wireless charging since 2009 starting with the Palm Pre then Note 2, Note 3, Note 5 and now the Note 8. If you take the time to set up wireless charging correctly in your car, on your desktop and on your nightstand it becomes indispensable. My phone rarely drops below 80% on any given day unless I'm traveling. I simply lay it down on the mat or click into the car charger (which automatically takes me into car mode) and works like a champ. Of course it's not 100% necessary but once you get used to it it would be hard to go back to plugging in the phone every time. While creating this post and driving may not be considered the safest, it was completely hands-off with the exception of pressing send. All while the phone was being charged.
  • Yeah especially since Apple has it now. In some ways with the Pixel Google is still so far behind. Seems the only thing they can tout is this Machine Learning BS and the DxO Mark score of their camera. Big Whoop!
  • Oh cry me a river!! This is getting so old, wireless charging is slow and useless. I've had it on a few phones in the last few years and found it useless..... there are so many pathetic complaints about the new Pixel phones from people, its simply getting old. Buy the phone you like and be happy.....for me, the Pixel 2 XL seems like the perfect choice.
  • I think that's the issue. If it did have wireless charging it would be perfect... To me anyway
  • Not for the price!
  • Had a few phones with wireless charging, staring with Nexus 4. With advent of fast charging, all my wireless charging pads went into the drawer and haven't come out again. it's just too slow and inefficient most of the time and I really don't see it as a major feature that I need in a phone. Software, screen, battery, camera all come in way ahead of it as features I want.
  • To those who say that wireless charging nobody cares about nor should they. Every phone I've owned in The Last 5 Years (6 phones) has had wireless charging either built-in or added cuz I wouldn't have a phone without it. I never and I mean never plug a charger into my phone. Another added bonus if you have a Galaxy S8 and it gets even slightly wet you can't charge it it says moisture detected in the port. Took my Galaxy S7 and my Galaxy S8 to Cancun on vacation two years in a row in the pools in the ocean and diving in cenotes i have amazing videos and picture but couldn't charge it with a wire because moisture in the port but no problem cuz I always have my wireless chargers. To those that have used it absolutely priceless wouldn't buy a phone without it
  • Once you've had wireless, it's SO hard to go back. That is basically the definition of progress. That Google *regressed* their flagship phones is still baffling to me. Those of us who had a Palm phone years ago are still shocked that the entire industry didn't follow suit. I miss it the most *every single night* when I sleepily lay my Pixel 1 on the nightstand with one hand, leaving it unplugged all night. Two hands to plug in a cord are unacceptable when I'm comfy and ready to drop off. My Tylt charger still lives by my bed in hopes that one day I will get to use it again. :-(
  • wireless charging is nice but I really couldn't care less. I text a lot at home and I would pull the phone off the charger 60 times a night so it would take it 6 hours to charge.
    I would rather jus plug in, but I get it that others Love the feature. it's jus not something I need
    I have iPhone 8 and i'm getting Note 8 or S8 today (can not decide which one) but I don't even own a wireless charger... $60 charger... no thanks. there's a free one in the box.
  • I looked up "heartbreaking" and it doesn't mean "mildly irritating at worst". Consult a dictionary.
  • I love wireless charging! I have the Nexus 6, and that is the number 1 thing I would miss-- charging it on my nightstand. It is supposed to be better for the battery? A slow charge at night rather than a fast charge? QUESTION: is there concern over the USB-C port breaking over time? I guess not? While I would charge my Nexus 6 on the cradle at night, I guess in the last year I've plugged in my phone a LOT more than in the beginning as battery life has dipped. As in, my Nexus 6 port isn't broke yet, and it's almost 3 years old... Is over use of the Pixel 2 XL's USB-C port a concern? Or no?
  • My Nexus 6 also has wireless charging. Never use it anymore.
  • Really? Over dramatic much?
  • I've had wireless charging since 2012, and I don't want a phone without it. I plug in when I'm in my car, but otherwise I'm using wireless charging. There's something nice about being able to pickup your phone without having to worry about yanking the cable out from the wall/phone or worrying if your cable is long enough. I just pick up my phone to reply to a text and set it back down. Not all smartphones are using USB-C yet, but wireless charging only requires the capability in your phone. I'm using Nokia chargers from 2015 with my S8+ without an issue. Supposedly we will be able to charge on Apple's charging pads too. No more asking if someone has the same cable you do or having to remember to bring a cable with you. Just set the phone down and go about your day.
    Mophie also has a slim case with magnetic connections to attach a battery with wireless charging built in. No more having to sacrifice the sleekness of your phone to have a battery case. You attach the battery when you need it, and when you don't all you have is a slim case.
  • Don't care about wireless charging. I've had that and don't care about it. I'd rather have fast charging.
  • Wireless charging and a headphone jack are 2 things I use daily, so the Pixel 2 is a no go for me. Besides I prefer Samsung bloat over a stripped down stock OS.
  • Charging quickly is much more important to me.
  • They do make wireless fast chargers
  • Can't agree enough with you, Heart Breaking! After Google initially made it popular via the Nexus line, it strangely stopped implementing it in newer phones. I Love Wireless Charging, at work in between meetings, on my office desk at work or by my bed stand I had wireless stands. No wiggling and reaching for wires, and my phone is constantly charged. Got the LG V30 instead of the Pixel 2 primarily for this...
  • Just tweet @mophie and tell them you would like to see a qi charging case for the pixel 2 xl and eventually they will make one
  • For anyone looking for a REAL smartphone, look to Samsung's Note 8. Wireless charging, expandable memory, better EVERYTHING! Why would anyone want a Google iPhone?
  • No unlocked bootloader and a horrible root solution. TouchWiz is the absolute worst
  • .0002% of the population root. The mainstream couldn't care less. And with Samsung it's not necessary. Touchwiz is great now. Try it sometime
  • Agreed. If i didn't care about rooting or making the phone 100 percent my own id buy the Samsung tomorrow but it's the most important aspect of buying a phone for me. The pixel isn't close to the Samsung imo for a normal consumer
  • Maybe someone can convince me why wireless charging is just a big deal and, in some cases, a deal breaker. I just don't see it. Can't do it in a car. If you are at home, I can't see the argument for a wireless charger vs plugging in a phone when needed. I'm assuming the wireless charging pad has to have a cable running to it anyway so the cord is already there...
  • For the price of the device, it should be a standard feature. You can still use the device when it's on a wireless charger.
  • I don't even know it's there when using a case. Yes built in is better but with how huge the batteries are now being to use the phone while charging is rare
  • Heartbreaking? Come on. If it is important to you, get a device that has it. Same with 3.5 mm jack. Get a device that has what you want. If an OEM does not make what you want, support one that does. Enough hand wringing over changing specs. I love Samsung pay but do not own a Samsung any more, so oh well. How long ago did Starbucks say they were going to offer wireless charging? Still have never seen it but they will get it now for sure now that Apple supports it.
  • Here come the excuses......
  • Those who are saying they don't want it. It's an option. What's so bad about having the option of wireless charging? If you don't like it don't use it. If I was a fan of a phone I would want it to have everything so more people would buy it.
  • It is the other way around. Those who want it are complaining that the new pixels don't have it. It does not have it, move on. If it did have it those who do not want or is it would not complain about it.
  • LOL, I think you're both making the same point but with the words mixed up a bit.
  • When people end arguments about wireless charging with things like it looks pretty damn good propped up you know that they're not going for the utilitarian aspect of an argument there is nothing useful or wireless charging if it doesn't reach the truth speaks of usb type c power delivery or Quick Charge 3.0 all it does is it serves as an aesthetic feature that is another way to brag that your phone can do this and that truly no one here can honestly say that wireless charging is that necessary people charge their phone to top up so they don't have to be near a charger it doesn't make sense that people argue why their phone has to stay on a pad and they can't use it unless it's on that pad to be charging at the same time and having to plant their face on the table so they can still bring that they're calling on the phone yet wirelessly charging their phone the Google phone is truly a utilitarian phone people who need an excellent camera Google assistant and a battery that tops up quick enough to make the argument that it's a deal breaker is not necessarily a good one based on wireless charging alone it's a niche feature
  • I'm by no means a grammar teacher or critic but I sincerely could not understand your comment without a single punctuation mark in it. I copied and pasted it and added some punctuation to try to make sense of it but I'm still not understanding it 100%. __________________
    Here it is: When people end arguments about wireless charging with things like, "it looks pretty damn good propped up", you know that they're not going for the utilitarian aspect of an argument. There is nothing useful about wireless charging if it doesn't reach. The truth speaks of usb type c power delivery or Quick Charge 3.0. All it does is serve as an aesthetic feature that is another way to brag that your phone can do this and that. Truly no one here can honestly say that wireless charging is that necessary. People charge their phone to top up so they don't have to be near a charger. It doesn't make sense that people argue why their phone has to stay on a pad and they can't use it. Unless it's on that pad to be charging at the same time and having to plant their face on the table so they can still bring that, they're calling on the phone yet wirelessly charging their phone. The Google phone is truly a utilitarian phone. People who need an excellent camera, Google assistant and a battery that tops up quick enough. To make the argument that it's a deal breaker is not necessarily a good one based on wireless charging alone. It's a niche feature.
    ______________ So if I understand you correctly you're saying that it's not that necessary and people are making it seem that it is. Well, I think what most people are trying to say is that for the price of the phone it should be included even though many people say that they don't use it. At least it would be there for those who do.
  • Desktop wireless charging is cool, esp when the phone isn't being used but have to agree wired allows use and charging at the same time. But my new Kia has it built-in and I find myself wishing my Pixel Xl and arriving tomorrow Pixel 2 XL supported it. Kia stupidly decided that their USB ports and Qi wireless would be low speed, but it works for Android Auto. And the car looks so much better without wires.
  • Wireless charging my S8 is really only convenient at night, and even that sometimes doesnt work due to positioning or whatever reason the charger decided to stop working for. During the day the wireless charging is way too slow. Wired Quick Charge is the way to go. Also with wireless charging you can't use the metal plate behind your phone for magnetic car mounts. Looking forward to getting that capability back with the Pixel
  • The S8 and Note 8 only have an obsolete version of Quick Charge, and that's heartbreaking ;)
    Hopping from charging pad to charging pad all day, instead of one quick charge while I take a shower in the morning? Nah...
  • The Pixel 2 cuts some key corners just as the og did. If I were purchasing at this price point, Samsung would have my money.
  • Seriously? Not a heartbreaking to me personally. they must rename that "wireless charging" term. it is still wired but instead using a charging port, it use dock.
  • 1) "Wireless" charging still requires you to plug in the dock, so it's not really "wireless". 2) You have to make room for the charging dock, so it takes up space. 3) Plugging in a phone is so easy, fast, and reliable. Don't need a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  • Following your logic, wireless networking is not really wireless since you have to plugin an Ethernet cable to the router or AP. Wireless phones are not really wireless since the base station plugs into a land line. Same with mobile phones. As a former daily user of wireless charging, I can say it's convenience is missed with the Pixel 2. My charging dock was a big as a hockey puck and in the already dead space of my monitor base. It is beyond easier to put my phone on and off of the between uses, rather than having to plugin and unplug a cable each time. The one saving grace I would say is the battery life on the Pixel 2 XL makes it so charging during the day is less of a need. At 73% currently and been off charger for 8 hours. My previous phone was a Note 5 and it would be at the point of or close to throwing up connect charger messages.
  • I wonder why people insist to have wireless charging when this type of charging generates so much heat which destroys the battery cells. It is proofed that wireless charging decreases the overall battery life. Remember: heat is the biggest enemy of the battery.
  • I never used it on my N6.....
  • IMO Quick Charge > Wireless Charging. Or for OnePlus owners, Dash Charge > Quick Charge > Wireless Charging. Seriously though, I used to love wireless charging my N5. But ever since I got the 3T with the giant battery and Dash Charge, I do not miss wireless charging at all.
  • I'm a huge fan of wireless charging for two reasons: First, as an MD I get calls in the middle of the night. And I've broken my fair share of cables and ports by reaching up and grabbing the phone not thinking about the cable when I get woken up by a call. Which leads me to my second point: Without wireless charging, my S7 Active phone would just be a very expensive paperweight right now. Likely on account of point #1, the micro USB port broke and now wireless charging is the only way I can recharge my phone. Which is why I'm shopping for a new phone.
  • The biggest issue with the Pixel 2 isn't that it lacks wireless charging--it is that the charging port isn't standard. Charging the Pixel 2 requires a USB-C cord. Every other Android phone in our house uses a standard micro-USB charging cable and or a wireless charger. A different charging cord means carrying a cord around with you or getting more cords for home, car, and office. And what a pain--when three people in the car can all use the same cord--who wants to unplug that cord just to charge the one special phone. If I could drop the phone on the same wireless fast charger the S7s use it wouldn't be so bad. Add in the fact there is no 1/8" headphone jack that was enough for me to return the phone after a week.
  • The micro usb is not a great charging end because it only fits one way. My kids have wrecked literally 20+ cords putting the cord in incorrectly. I agree it is painful to switch for now but I think it will become the next thing so I'll suffer through. I find it less of a struggle already and far more robust.
  • At least that problem will go away. USB-C isn't non-standard, it's new. It will be standard. New computers, both Mac and PC, use it. Soon your house will be littered with USB-C cables and you will be annoyed when you run across a microUSB cable the same as running across a mini USB cables, the previous standard, annoys me now when I find one in my house. Wireless charging is NEVER going to be an option on the Pixel 2 though.